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Welcome to beook!

You are new to beook and would like to get a first overview? We would like to guide you through the first steps below so that you can get a first impression of what beook has to offer - in addition to the information you can find on our homepage.

Installation of beook

Here you can download beook for free for the various platforms and find installation instructions for each platform. If you have any questions, our support team will be happy to help you.

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Entry into beook

As of version 8.0, an onboarding process guides you through the first steps with beook. The onboarding process is started directly after installing the app and you can start it by clicking on "Let's go". If you do not want to use the onboarding, you can also end it directly by clicking on "Exit".

Onboarding DE  

If you already have a beook account, you can log in directly. If you have never worked with beook before, you must register first. The onboarding process guides you through the individual steps, which are also listed again below.

Create account

After clicking on "Register", you will be redirected to the selection of providers. Select the correct provider from which you have received the licence sheet and then click on "Register". If you would like to get an overview with the free ebook "beook the book", select the provider beook. The external browser for the registration process will open. Under "Register" you now have the option of creating a new account if you do not already have one.


Completing information

Once you are back in the app, you can complete your further information. These contain:

  • Customization option first name/last name
  • The avatar consists of the first letters of the first and last name, and a color can be chosen. The avatar is mainly visible in the sharing function.
  • Accept the terms of use (required field)



By clicking on "Confirm" a profile for the selected user is created in the app.

Follow the "Further steps" dialog to the...

  • Redeem activation codes: From the existing providers, select the one listed on your activation code document. Enter your activation codes below. 
  • Linking other accounts to the same user: This offers the possibility to use licenses from several providers in one profile, e.g. from hep verlag and beook.
  • Navigate to the "My ebooks" view, where you have all your licensed ebooks in one overview. This is called "Portal" and is the start page when you start the app from now on. 

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Download free ebooks

You can download free ebooks to get a first impression. Try different ebooks and learn about the many benefits of digital teaching aids. In addition to our "in-house" beook - ebooks, the PH Zurich, for example, also offers various free ebooks. You can recognise the free ebooks by the blue dot they are marked with.

To get started, a look at the ebook "beook the book" is highly recommended.
To install this ebook, select the provider "beook" and click on the desired ebook in the list. After clicking on "Install" the installation will start and you can have a look into your first ebook after a few moments.

In order to use chargeable ebooks, you will need to purchase an activation code from your desired provider. With this code you can install the desired ebook and use it to its full extent.

  1. First click on "More ebooks"

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  2. Now click on "Choose provider" and select a provider, for example "beook" or "Pädagogische Hochschule Zürich".

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  3. Select a freely available ebook. You can recognize this by the blue dot.
  4. Finally, click Install, then click Open.

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Brief overview of the use of beook


With beook you always have an overview of your ebooks. The sidebar allows you to change and edit your ebooks simultaneously. Each ebook can be displayed in different overview columns. The detailed view can be resized and displayed in any size and layout.

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Overview columns

The following overview columns are available




Content Off@2x Kopie table of content 

Allows you to navigate within a book by clicking on the chapter headings in the table of contents.

Image Annotation On@2x Kopie   annotation column

Contains an overview of all annotations set by the user. In addition, there is a filter area that allows you to display only specific annotations.

Filter Settings Active@2x Kopie  filter

This column allows you to narrow down the content within an ebook and search for a specific search term in the entire ebook. You can use various filters, such as searching in all chapters or searching for pages that are bookmarked.
Media On@2x Kopie  media

The media column is used to list and access the linked videos, audios and files of an ebook. Furthermore you will find a visual access from the image to the content of the ebook. Read more: Media column

 Aufgabenspalte RCP  exercises

Tasks in separate columns can contain solutions and be corrected automatically. In addition, they contain functions such as notes, explanations, achieved score and statistics.

The exercise column has 10 different exercise types. More about this in: 



To go to another chapter of the ebook, tap on the book cover in the overview column on the left.

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We wish you much pleasure!


Further links

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