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Click on the home icon in the top left-hand corner to enter the beook portal. Here you have the following options:



Beook PortalV2 Portal Download On

You can manage your ebooks (download, open, delete and update). You can find more information below.

Beook PortalV2 Portal Help On

A short beook introduction explains the most important details.

Support Problem Portal Feedback On

Here you can get help with questions and problems. You will find a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions and have the option to run the support wizard, which can give you real-time tips on how to solve the problem by means of a question-and-answer dialog. If you get stuck with the help of the support wizard, you can send a support request.

Beook PortalV2 Portal About On

If you would like information about the publisher and the platform, you have come to the right place.

Beook PortalV2 Portal Settings On

After opening the settings, you can customise the beook app to your personal needs.



manage ebooks

Beook PortalV2 Portal Download On   

By clicking on the administration icon in the top right-hand corner you can access the administration area. You will find all detailed information about the contents, furthermore you have the possibility to install (download), update or delete ebooks.

Depending on your preference, you can display the ebooks either as descriptive covers or in a clearly arranged list of icons. In the list view you can also sort the ebooks by title, publisher, edition or status.


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The portal has two categories: "My ebooks" and "Other ebooks". In the following, these two are briefly explained, followed by a description of how to install and open an ebook.


My ebooks

Under "My ebooks" all ebooks are listed which are released for you or which you have already licensed, i.e. activated with an activation code.

More ebooks

Here you can find all ebooks which are offered in beook. At the top right you can select a provider to view all the ebooks they offer. 

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download ebook

After a successful registration or after you have unlocked a purchased ebook with the activation code, you will be taken directly to the "My ebooks" page. All your already purchased ebooks are listed here. You will also see a message that you can install all unlocked ebooks that are ready for installation by pressing a button.

You also have the possibility to install only selected ebooks. Click on the ebook you would like to download. This ebook will now appear in the detailed view. Click on "Install" to start the process.


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open ebook

After installation, the icon of the ebook appears in the sidebar on the left. This sidebar always remains visible. By clicking on the icon, you can access the content view of the ebook in question, you can now work in the ebook and (if available) solve exercises. Alternatively you can click on "Open" in the detailed view of the ebook.


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delete ebook

To delete an ebook, click on "Delete" in the detailed view. If you want to keep your annotations (notes, own pages, markers, solutions to the exercises, etc.), make sure that the green tick is set for "Keep annotations".

update ebook

If an update of the ebook is available, you can download it by clicking on "Update".


Manage multiple ebooks simultaneously

In the list view you have the possibility to select several ebooks (tick the boxes on the left) and edit them all at once by clicking on "Install", "Update" or "Delete" below.


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With the search field above the list of ebooks you can easily search for a term, publisher or edition.


Free available ebooks

These ebooks can be installed without a licence. These can be found under the different providers and are already marked with a blue dot at the beginning - without having to redeem activation codes first. There are also ebooks from which an excerpt can be downloaded free of charge for a trial period. The full version of an ebook can be purchased directly from the provider.


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