Drawing editors

beook provides two different editors. Alternatively, you can also use an external program: 

    Important! Drawings created in the sketchpad can be opened in the SVG editor. But not the other way around. Once a drawing has been created or edited in the SVG editor, it is automatically reopened. To edit the image again with the sketchpad, the drawing created in the SVG editor must be completely deleted.   


The Sketchpad is pixel-oriented and with its light and clear surface ideal for image annotations and simple hand drawings. The drawn elements can be undone or restored with Back and Forward. This process remains unchanged even after closing and reopening.

IOS Inhalt Bildannotation Sketchpad  




  Zoom In   Zoom Out Use the magnifying glass buttons to zoom in and out of the content view.  

Moving the workspace

  Pan With the selected Move tool, you can move the workspace to display the desired section of the image and drawing in the editor window.  

Moving and deleting objects: Selection tool

  Select The selection tool allows you to move existing shapes.   Delete While the selection tool is selected, the Delete icon appears in the bar at the top of the editor. This deletes the currently selected object. 

Stiffens tool

  Pencil With the pen tool you can draw freely. 


Predefined pins


Marker R   Marker G   Marker B Marker Y      Pencil R   Pencil G Pencil B   Pencil Y

    Predefined pens are available to quickly and conveniently change the pen colour and type. 



Line Rectangle   Ellipse   Polygon


  Use the Line, Rectangle, Circle and Polygon tools to draw clean shapes. 


  Text  The font tool allows you to enter text elements. Text entered once cannot be changed later. However, you can delete the text element using the selection tool. The entered text is saved if no selection frame with white handles around the text is visible anymore. 

The entered text is saved if no selection frame with white handles around the text is visible anymore.




Ghostlike dots - click with pencil without a drawn dot

  In Sketchpad, points drawn with the pen with just one click and no mouse movement are not displayed. These points will then appear in the final view in the ebook. Avoid this uncertainty by using the circle-shape tool for points or by moving the mouse a little bit while holding down the mouse button.   

SVG editor

The more sophisticated SVG editor is vector-based and each created element can be selected and edited later. The tools are located on the left and the options for the tool or object on the right.

Important! In order for the pen input to work correctly, the SVG editor must be used.

Übungen SVG     

External SVG program 


You can open a picture with an external SVG program of your choice. We recommend the program Inkscape (www.inkscape.org) zu benutzen (gratis Download), das Sie für Mac- oder Windwos-Computer herunterladen können. 

Important for Windows: Load the Programm from the Inkscape-Website. The version from the Windows App Store does not work correctly with beook.      

After you have installed this or another SVG program on your computer, do the following in beook under Settings -> General Settings before:      

Drawing Editor Svg   

This setting opens the SVG program (inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, or other) used on your computer for editing images. To set the default program for SVG files on a Windows computer, see Windows: Set default programm for SVG Make the following default settings (under Settings -> General):   

  Drawing Editor External      

 To edit images, the file from the app is stored in a temporary directory on your device and opened from there. With this setting, the app opens the temporary directory with the file. Use the context menu (right-click) and "open with..." to select your preferred drawing program for editing.    

Edit pictures

  After clicking Edit, the following message appears before the image is opened in the SVG program:    

  Editing In The Externeal Svg Program    

  Leave this message open while drawing in the external program. As soon as you have saved your changes, you can select "Apply changes" in this note so that your changes are integrated into the app. You will then see your changes in the preview and on the page in the ebook. Close the open window of the drawing program before you want to edit the same image again.     


  Note on working with Adobe Illustrator: The background images in the app are not fixed automatically. You can fix this quickly and easily using the CMD+2 shortcut command (CTR+2 with Windows).       Please note that an image that you open with an external program only processes one copy. Thus, an image can be opened several times. If you save different processing states in this way, the last saved state overwrites all previous ones.    

Common failures


Open the edit mode:

  After opening the image, don't forget to use the Edit button to switch from Preview mode to Edit mode.  



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