Tutorial for cloud synchronization

Why do I need a cloud?

To be able to use your ebooks on different devices and to always be up to date on all devices, use the synchronisation with the cloud. The beook Cloud also serves as a practical backup for your data.

What is being synchronised?

Your user data is stored in the cloud, i.e. your notes, own pages (and files inserted in them), solved exercises, marks and bookmarks, as well as your personal learning progress.  This data is already encrypted on your device and thus remains protected from unauthorised access on the beook Cloud.  

How do I connect to the cloud?

After you have installed the beook app and logged in with a valid user, you can connect your app to the cloud. This usually happens automatically. Otherwise, read on here: To activate the cloud connection for the first time, select Synchronisation in the settings (see icon).Image

In Synchronisation, select beook Cloud. Make the same setting for all your devices. Bildschirmfoto 2021 10 12 Um 11.01.07

Also make sure that the cloud is also activated in the profile. To check this, switch to the user administration by clicking on your user name at the top right of the portal. You can then select and edit the corresponding profile under "Manage profiles". Bildschirmfoto 2021 10 12 Um 11.01.35 Bildschirmfoto 2021 10 12 Um 11.01.24  

When will synchronisation take place?

You need an active internet connection for synchronisation. The process is triggered with a chapter change or when you close the beook app. The time of synchronisation can be adjusted in the settings. Bildschirmfoto 2021 10 12 Um 11.00.37

The synchronisation takes place automatically by default with every chapter change or when starting and exiting the app.

Bildschirmfoto 2021 10 12 Um 11.02.47  

What happens if I don't have an internet connection?

If you close the app without an active internet connection, your data remains stored locally on your device. Immediately after you reconnect to the internet, your data is automatically synchronised with the beook Cloud.

How does my data get onto the second device?

After you have synchronised with the beook Cloud on your first device (e.g. iPad), your data is stored in the Cloud. To continue editing the data on another device (e.g. Mac), proceed as follows:

  1. Log in on the second device with the same username and password.
  2. If you are using the second device with beook for the first time, install your ebooks first.
  3. Carry out the cloud synchronisation settings in the same way as on the first device.


Note: First synchronisation

Synchronisation takes place automatically by default with every chapter change or when starting and exiting the app. However, it can also be triggered manually. To do this, activate the sharing area via the sidebar on the left. Then select the Cloud symbol at the top right and press the Synchronise button. Bildschirmfoto 2021 10 12 Um 11.03.13  

Important notes

With the beook Cloud you can also use the sharing function to exchange data with other users. Read more about the sharing function in the corresponding tutorial/documentation.