Manage accounts and profiles

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Starting with beook version 6, the possibilities of how and with which accounts beook can be used have grown. The following distinction is important for understanding:


  • User: A user exists globally, his licenses are assigned to him, which he has usually redeemed via activation codes or purchased from a shop.
  • Provider/Identity Provider: A provider offers ebooks and allows the creation of an account. The ebooks can either be purchased in a web shop or unlocked via an activation code. Currently, the two providers "hep verlag" and "Richemont" have their own web shop. All other providers sell their ebooks using a beook activation code, which is redeemed at the provider "beook".
  • Accounts: A user can be linked to several accounts of different providers (e.g. beook, hep verlag, Richemont and PHZH). Each account can only be associated with one user. It is also not possible to link two accounts from the same provider. However, starting with version 6.1, several accounts from different providers can be linked to the same user. After that the login to beook can be done with one of the accounts.
  • Profiles: Any number of profiles can be created per device. A profile always contains the complete set of data of downloaded ebooks of a user, with annotations and resources. Multiple profiles can be created for one user, with or without cloud synchronization. Profiles are used for data storage, but are not synchronized.

Log in or register user

When you log in for the first time or create another profile, you will be redirected to the system's own browser. There you will find the various identity providers that you can use to log in to your account.

You can register a new account directly on the login page by changing the register from "Login" to "Register". Note that not all providers allow you to create an account from the app.

After successful "Register" or "Login" you will be redirected back to the app, where you can continue with the completion of the user and the profile.

In the App

If you are logged in to the app, you have the possibility to manage your user with his accounts by clicking on your name in the upper right corner.

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The following customization options are available on the displayed page:

Screenshot 2021 06 25 At 09.39.16  

  • Edit user
  • Unlock new ebooks by redeeming another activation code
  • Update your account and licenses
  • Edit profiles
  • Log off user

Edit user

The user details are the details of the globally managed user who combines one or more accounts. Here you will find the newsletter settings, but also the avatar color and the personal data on salutation and name.

As a contact e-mail address, you can have an explicitly different e-mail address than the one provided by the linked accounts. This e-mail address is used to forward support requests to the correct sender.

Unlock ebooks

If you would like to activate a new ebook for the user to download, you can redeem the activation code on the following page.

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Screenshot 2021 06 25 At 09.39.59  


Update account and licenses

Mit einem Klick auf diesen Link aktualisieren Sie die Produktekataloge, die Konfigurationen und Ihre Lizenzen. Stehen für Sie neue ebooks zur Verfügung, werden diese freigeschaltet und können im Portal herunterladen werden. Nach erfolgreicher Aktualisierung, erscheint die folgende Meldung:


Screenshot 2021 06 25 At 09.39.16 3  


Manage profiles

This menu allows you to manage all profiles existing on the device.

The following actions are available for each profile:

  • Direct switch to another profile
  • Edit Profile Properties
  • Delete profile

It is correct that every user has access to all profiles of the device and can delete them. Access via the file system would also exist. The deletion process cannot be revoked.


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Properties of the profile

In addition to the profile name, each profile also has two other properties:

  • Stay logged in: In order to allow a comfortable profile change, each profile can be set to "stay logged in". This means that when starting an app or changing a profile, the user is not asked for the login data again via the profile administration. This setting is activated by default.
  • Use cloud synchronization: If this is active, the personal content is always synchronized with the beook cloud. This setting is activated by default.

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Detailed instructions for working with multiple profiles can also be found here.


Log off user

Logging out causes the app to forget the user connection data and leads to the login page with profile overview. This explicitly prevents you from "staying logged in".

You can link multiple accounts from different providers on the same user. This means that all licensed ebooks are available to you for use in the same profile, i.e. next to each other. Additional accounts can be linked to a user in two ways:

  1. When you log in for the first time
  2. Merge profiles

When you log in for the first time

The initial login process is controlled so that you can create a first account, complete the user information, redeem one or more activation codes, and then immediately associate another account from another provider with the same user. Here you can also enter further activation codes of this provider and link them to the user.

You will then have all ebooks in the same profile ready for selection.

Merge profiles

If you have already created two or more profiles in beook, each of which has one user with one account, you can also subsequently link the other account to one of the two users. Please note the following:

  1. The user of the active profile receives the two accounts
  2. The user of the linked account is deactivated and can no longer be used.
  3. The other profile is deleted. Make sure you have previously synchronized any annotations with the cloud.
  4. The annotations of the other user are migrated to the active cloud. You then have everything together.
  5. If you have used the disabled user in a profile on other devices, you must also delete the profile there. It can no longer be used.
  6. The ebooks of the transferred user must be reinstalled in the active profile. The annotations are also imported.

You can start the process for linking accounts in the profile administration.

Detailed instructions for linking accounts can also be found here.