Link multiple accounts from different providers to the same user

If you have purchased teaching materials from different providers (e.g. PHZH or Richemont), there is a separate user account for each provider with which you log in to beook. Until now, the different accounts in the beook app were created as separate profiles and it was necessary to switch between the profiles in order to access all teaching materials. It is now possible (from beook 6.1) to link the accounts of different providers. This means that you can then log in with any user account and have access to the teaching materials of all linked accounts.


New Users: Link Accounts on First Registration


If you have never used beook before and have purchased educational materials from multiple vendors, you can link the accounts you create and redeem their activation codes during registration. You can download the beook app directly here.

After the successful installation and start of the beook app, a login page opens in your web browser. Here you can see a selection of all providers. It does not matter which provider you register with first. During the setup process, you can register an account with another provider on the "Next steps" page and link it immediately. General information about the registration process can be found here.


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In the following menu "Link another account" confirm the process by clicking on "Link accounts". You will again be prompted to select the provider. You can now select the provider for which you have not yet registered. After registration, the two accounts will be linked directly. This means that you can use teaching materials from both providers under the same account.


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Existing users: Linking accounts from different providers


If you are already using beook 6 with several accounts from different providers, you can link them from beook 6.1 onwards in the "My User" section of the app. To do this, click on the grey box with your user name in the upper right corner of the portal view. In the following overview, click on "Link another account". The login page opens in your web browser with the selection of the providers. Select the provider whose account you want to link to the currently logged in account


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After successful linking of the accounts, all your purchased teaching materials of the different providers are available with a single account. This means that you only need one user profile in the app. From now on, it will no longer matter which of the linked user accounts you use to log in and create profiles. After linking, we recommend that you carry out a complete synchronization with the cloud so that your content, such as notes and bookmarks, can also be merged by the different providers.

Also note the following:


  1. After linking, the previous profiles of the different providers are deleted, so that you can install all ebooks under a single profile. Make sure you have synchronized all your data with the cloud before the action.
  2. You can now log in with both accounts and each will be routed to the same profile.
  3. Only one account can be linked per provider (beook, hep verlag, Richemont, PHZH).


For more information on profiles, accounts, and users, see this article