Platform for digital teaching material

The beook app is a platform for digital teaching material provided by several publishing houses, educational establishments, organizations and authors. The available teaching materials offer a full range of features and are fully functional.

  • beook is more than just an ebook: full text search, displaying continuous text, multimedia, included exercises, own pages, updates without data loss....all this and many more features are offered by the beook app.
  • beook is available on all usual platforms: tablet and iPad, Android and Windows, laptops and PCs, both with Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. Moreover, it also works in the offline mode.
  • The same raw data for printing can be converted into ebooks and used in the beook app on all platforms: our beook converter makes this possible.
  • All clearings on who is permitted to use which teaching material are under your control.
  • There are no development costs for the creation of the app.
  • Learn more about beook and check our references.


beook for learners

Vernetztes Lernen

Joined-up learning

Structure, networking and interactivity are required in order to learn efficiently. Beook offers exactly this, thanks to its high functionality:

  • The table of contents is always in view
  • Terms can be searched for in the glossary, dictionary, or directly via Wikipedia
  • Teaching materials can be linked

Offline use

For the reading and the modification of the contents, there is no active internet connection required. Your clients, the pupils and students can learn independently, always and everywhere.



Use the possibilities of Tablets and other electronial devices for the enhancement of your contents' attractiveness, by enriching them with added multimedia contents. In beook you can insert directly into the app or from the internet films, audio data, interactive and animated graphics. In addition, the multimedia contents can be downloaded locally and thus be used offline.

beook for teachers


Extendable contents

Particular contents, including marginalia, own pages or embedded web pages can be inserted into the ebooks by the users themselves. Thus, your teaching material will transform into a full collection – everything in one place and at the right place.


Several platforms

beook is availabe for all current mobile devices like tablets and laptops, but also for Windows and Mac computers. Thus, it remains your client's decision on which platform and divice to use the digital contents.

Use beook on your:

  • iPad and iPhone
  • Android Tablet and Smartphone
  • Windows Computer
  • Mac Computer
Erweiterter Inhalt

Integrated exercises

Exercises can be intergrated into the digital contents of beook and can be solved there. Presently available are: writing exercises, multiple-choice questions, gap-fill text, matching tasks and drawing exercises. The answers can be corrected automatically or be sent from the app.

beook for providers

Print Und Digital

Print and digital

The automatic transformations of your existing contents from the format of your DTP program. We offer maximal protection of investment, by using the same data both digitally as well as the print version.

At present, InDesign, PDF, EPUB, Frame-Maker, Microsoft Word, LaTeX and HTML are supported.

Flexibles Layout

Flexible layout

beook uses the flexible EPUB format. In this fashion, the contents are adapting to the device and to the needs of its user. In contrast to other ebook programs that use PDF or image formats, beook thus achieves an optimal reading experience.



We have a private license and asset server allowing you to control specifically and assuredly the activation and copyright protection of your content. You decide, who is allowed to use your teaching materials and who is not.

The sale takes places directly between you and your customers – without any cessions to the App Stores. There is also the possibility of downloading excerpts into the app for free.