Environment in profiles

It can be very helpful for authors to use beook in different environments. This function can be activated on request in the user account.

There are three environments in beook

1. production: This is the default setting for all users. This is where the released content is published.

2. quality assurance: This is where the content can be stored before publication.

3. development: This environment is used for the conversion of the content. Here the contents can be viewed and checked immediately. If they have the desired status, they can be published in the quality assurance environment and later in the production environment.

The licenses of a user are the same for all three environments.

Specify environment

Each profile points to a specific environment. If the user has authorization for the development or quality assurance environment, the environment selection appears after logon.

If you have already created a profile that points to the production environment by default, simply create another profile, log in with the same user login, and select the desired environment on the profile completion page.

For information on how to create and change profiles, see work with multiple profiles.