In our documentation you will find information about the app, the installation, the ebooks and much more. Is an ebook new territory for you? Read the overview page and get an insight into the world of ebooks. Let yourself be inspired without having to install the app first.

If you would like to try the application, you can also install the free ebook "beook the book" (available in German, French and English). There you will also find many instructions, which invite you to try it out immediately. You can find it in the "More ebooks" section under the "beook" provider.

Under the heading "Quick access" you will find short instructions that will give you a first overview. The documentation in the other sections is more detailed and gives you a closer look at all the functions beook offers.

Furthermore, we now publish video tutorials on our Youtube channel on an ongoing basis. Take a look!

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FAQ Help for common problems.

I have trouble logging in

There are several reason why the login can fail:

  • You have no internet connection.
  • You use an invalid username or password (reset password).
  • You have not paid attention to case-sensitive username and password.
  • When experiencing further problems contact our support team.

Does the app require an internet connection?

  • Only the login and download of an ebook and their media content require an internet connection.
  • The actual reading of an ebook requires no internet connection.
  • Even without an active internet connection start and use the app any time.

Why can't I activate/download my ebook?

Download or activation failures have several reasons:

  • You have no internet connection.
  • You are not logged in.
  • Your activation code is not valid.
  • You have already downloaded your ebook on several devices

How do I add an additionally purchased ebook?

  • Open the login window if you want to activate an additionally purchased ebook and add it to your user.
  • Enter the activation key from the license sheet and your valid username and password.
  • The redeemed ebook will be added to your user

How can I reset my password?

  • Click on the password reset button in the login pop-up menu.
  • Follow the instruction in the automatically sent e-mail.
  • If you won't get any e-mail be sure to enter the correct e-mail adress.
  • Contact our support for a correction of your user details.

You have registered the maximal amount of devices?

  • Your provider predefines on how many devices you are allowed to download and use your ebook.
  • All employed devices are registered.
  • If you registered on several different computers or tablets you may have reached the maximal amount of devices.
  • Contact our support to reset the registered devices.

How do I deploy my ebook on a different device?

  • Install the beook app on your second device.
  • When logging in ONLY enter your username and password
  • The activation key must not be entered again.
  • Synchronize all user data (annotations and own pages, etc.) between the registered devices.



Forum The latest news about the beook platform can be read in the Newsblog (available in german only).

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