protection of privacy





1. About us

We, the company ionesoft GmbH with headquarters in Jegenstorf, Switzerland, operate the product beook. We are committed to your privacy and are committed to the safe handling of your data:

  • We do not sell any usage data to third parties and do not pass on any data without express consent
  • We deliberately avoid marketing cookies and location tracking
  • We collect only the data necessary to provide secure, efficient operation and support

2. Who can I contact if I have any questions about data protection?

Our data protection officer will answer your questions about data protection and personal data easily by e-mail. Send your request directly to  beook@ionesoft.ch.

3. Why should I read this privacy statement?

We store personal data about you when you use the "beook platform". This includes

  • the beook products website (beook.ch),
  • the beook app and beook web,
  • beook lessons,
  • beook author,
  • and the server infrastructure consisting of a licence server, asset server, identity providers, ticketing system and helpdesk.

The individual products are described on the beook products website.

This document explains how and why we collect which data and what rights you have.

  • Article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution
  • The new Swiss Data Protection Act (revDSG)he Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DSG), which is currently undergoing a total revision
  • The European Data Protection Basic Regulation DSGVO

The reference document for all translations of this privacy policy is the German version.



Your personal data

5. What data is transmitted and stored when using the beook website?

When you access our website, the following data is stored in log files: IP address, date, time, browser request and generally transmitted information about the operating system or browser. This usage data forms the basis for statistical, anonymous evaluations which can help to improve our offers accordingly.

Only cookies that are technically necessary for a normal user experience are set on your device to use the website.

The use of our public website is possible without providing personal data. As far as on our sides personal data (for example name, address or e-mail addresses) are raised, this always takes place on voluntary basis. Access to the internal area only employees and business partners.

6. What data is transmitted and stored when using the beook App?

 Origin  Detail

Informations you generate

 We store the data, which results from your actions in the following situations:

  • Creating the user account
  • Activating coupons
  • Synchronizing data from order systems
  • Obtaining, validating and releasing licenses
  • Download, update and delete products such as ebooks, exercises, media.
  • Synchronization with the beook cloud, if enabled: Any personal content and files placed in ebooks.
  • Work assignments completed in connection with beook lessons, results of eTests and tasks solved
  • Send support request: A log file is supplied for analyzing the errors (see below).
  • Usage of the Chat-Bot
Informations from your device

 During license verification, technical information about your device is transmitted and stored:

  • Hash value for device identification
  • Operating system
  • Version of the operating system
  • Screen resolution
  • Device model
  • Touch device information
  • Language setting
  • SimpleUI usage of beook app
  • Version of beook app
Informations in the log file

 Personal data can be read from the log file sent along with support requests: 

  • Installation and usage times
  • License information for the products you purchase
  • Visited pages in beook app
  • Success and error messages of user actions in beook app
  • Text output of program errors

 This data is only used for support purposes.

Learning progress and learning assignments from beook lessons

When using beook lessons as a member of a group (class), you will receive learning assignments in the beook app from your group administrator (teacher, instructor, lecturer, vocational trainer). They request the completion of learning assignments, the results of which you transmit to this person from the app. These can then be viewed, assessed and evaluated exclusively by the group administrator.

The results include

  • Texts that you type in
  • images, videos, audios and documents that you add
  • automatically assessed question types with their scores
  • the date of the answer
  • the device on which the answer was given
  • your username


7. What data is transmitted and stored for the newsletter?

 Origin  Detail
 Account Informations

 To send the newsletter, the most necessary account data is transferred from beook to the newsletter tool:

  • Gender
  • Firstname
  • Surname
  • Email address 
 Newsletter usage  Your click behaviour in the newsletter is evaluated


As a subscriber to the newsletter, you can revoke your consent to the newsletter at any time. For this purpose, a unsubscribe link is placed in every newsletter communication. Alternatively, you can have yourself removed from the newsletter distribution list by sending an e-mail to  support-beook@ionesoft.ch .

Note on newsletter dispatch via «MailChimp»
We send beook newsletters via "MailChimp", a newsletter distribution platform of the US provider Rocket Science Group, LLC, 675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE 5000, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA. The e-mail addresses of the newsletter recipients and also their other data described in the context of this notice are stored on the servers of MailChimp in the USA. MailChimp uses this information to send and evaluate newsletters on our behalf. MailChimp may also use this data to optimise or improve its own services, e.g. to technically optimise the dispatch and presentation of newsletters or for economic purposes in order to determine from which countries the recipients come. However, MailChimp does not use the data of the newsletter recipients of ionesoft in order to write to them itself or to pass them on to third parties. MailChimp is certified under the US-EU data protection agreement "Privacy Shield" and thus undertakes to comply with EU data protection regulations. MailChimp's privacy policy can be found at  https://mailchimp.com/legal/privacy

8. What is my personal data used for?

The basically few personal data are used to offer you good service:

  • Analysis option for support cases
  • Technical need to verify licenses, installations, and affiliations
  • Optimization of systems and applications
  • Personal address in the newsletter
  • Processing learning assignments in class

9. Where is my data stored?

Your data from the beook app and the beook website are stored on servers in Switzerland and Germany. Your data for sending the newsletter is stored on servers in the USA.

10. External identity providers and shop systems

The beook App enables the use of existing user accounts of external identity providers. These accounts can also be used to transfer data from external shop systems. All these external systems have their own privacy policies, which you can access from the relevant providers.

Only authentication and order data is exchanged with these systems. When logging in with an external identity provider, the password of the external identity provider remains unknown to the beook infrastructure, beook only receives the notification as to whether the authentication was successful. The "oAuth2" standard was implemented for this purpose.



Your rights

11. The principle

The legal bases assure you a right to information, correction, blocking and deletion of your personal data at any time. A request to export the data, to block or delete it must be submitted with a written explanation. We reserve the right to ask you a identification verification. You can send us enquiries for information and corrections at any time by e-mail to beook@ionesoft.ch.

12. Will all my data be deleted in the case of a deletion request?

Your data will be irrevocably deleted in the event of a deletion request:

  • User account
  • Personal encryption key
  • Connecting your account to your personal, system-wide identity
  • Synchronization folder of your personal data in the beook cloud
  • Support inquiries
  • Personal data in the newsletter tool
  • Transferred results of the learning assignments are anonymised.

These measures will remove your personal content and data. In addition, there is no longer any possibility of linking your person to actions/orders/licenses recorded in the system; previously usable products in the beook app will then no longer be accessible.

Be excluded from deletions:

  • Data in backups. However, if a backup must be used for system reasons, a previous deletion will be carried out again.
  • E-mail correspondence
  • Proof of purchase and invoicing data
  • Transaction information

13. Is my data well protected?

In close cooperation with our hosting providers, we strive to protect the online systems and databases as well as possible against unauthorized access, loss, misuse and falsification. We would like to point out that data transmission over the Internet (e.g. communication by e-mail) can be subject to security vulnerabilities. A complete protection of the data against access by third parties cannot be guaranteed.

You are responsible for protecting the data on your personal device. We recommend regular backups, the use of secure passwords and vigilance against phishing e-mails and other hacking methods.

14. How long will my data be kept?

Due to the "lifelong use" of the products in beook, purchases/purchase receipts/licenses are also retained beyond the period of use, as is the associated account information. In addition, the legal storage obligations must be complied with.

Correspondence and support requests are periodically deleted according to the internal e-mail retention policy.

15. Will I be informed if there are any changes to the data protection regulations?

In the event of any changes to the Privacy Policy, this document will be updated on this website and the version number will be updated. In the event of major changes, we will inform you in the beook newsletter. In the event of significant changes to the data protection declaration, which would reduce the protection of your data – even if it has already been generated – we will ask you again for your consent.


The German constitution applies.

Version 2, Valid from 31.07.2023