Content view

beook offers a clear and well-structured content view:

At the top left in the dark grey bar you will find the home icon and the overview column icons. On the right are the content editing icons, which vary depending on the active overview column.

With the Font Size Off@2x icon you can change the font size. 

Vertical left you find the icons of your loaded ebooks. Further down you find the internal web browser, the global search and the icon for the share and cloud functions.

The overview column (left) shows the content structure and an overview, to the right is the content column.



Navigation in the ebook

Change chapter

Click on the book cover or on "Contents" at the top left. The list of chapters becomes visible and the desired chapter can be selected.



To the following page

The links at the bottom of each page take you to the next or previous page.


On a tablet, it is also possible to move to the next page by sliding horizontally over the content. This function can be enabled or disabled in the settings.

The arrows at the top of the content column take you to the page you last viewed, even if it is in a different chapter.

Go to...

Export Optionen  In the app you will also find an export arrow, with which you can carry out various actions: In various ebooks you have the possibility to call up a certain page quickly and specifically by page number. To make use of this, you can enter the page number in the pop-up in the "Go to page" function.

In more specific ebooks, such as the legal texts, you can also jump to an article.  

Bildschirmfoto 2021 06 15 Um 13.10.51



The Windows/Mac version now features multi-window technology. Each page and each task can be opened in an additional window using the export arrow. This allows you to work side by side, for example to solve a task and research in the ebook at the same time. Or you can open an own page externally and collect different contents on it.

Bildschirmfoto 2021 06 15 Um 13.11.13

Bildschirmfoto 2021 06 15 Um 13.11.59


Set font size

Font Size Off@2x  You can adjust the size of the font, step by step ("abc" buttons) or smoothly (sliders), to suit your needs. 

Schriftgrösse Einstellen


change ebook

To switch to another ebook, simply click on the corresponding ebook in the sidebar (green border in the following picture), it is not necessary to switch to the portal.

In the sidebar on the left the loaded ebooks are shown with a symbol. The last (re-)loaded ebook is at the bottom of the list.




On a tablet (iPad, Android Tablet) the ebook list is scrollable in the sidebar.

So you can sort the ebook icons in the list according to your wishes. To do this, press on an icon for a few seconds, then a pop-up will appear where you can sort your ebooks, as well as show or hide them.

Mac / Windows Computer

The icons can also be shown or hidden here and their order can be changed. To do this, click on App > Arrange Sidebar in the menu.


A window appears in which you can hide or show ebooks (click on the slider on the left) or change their position in the sidebar (drag'n'drop at the three bars on the right).

Bildschirmfoto 2021 06 15 Um 13.12.47



Overview column

The following functions are available in the overview column:

  • Content On Table of contents of the current chapter
  • Postit Collection On@2x  Annotation column (notes, markers, image annotations, editable fields)
  • Media On@2x Media column
  • Understood On@2x  Exercises


For example, if you click on the exercise icon, you can access the tasks in the exercise column. The table of contents icon then takes you back to the subject matter.

Define width of the overview column

You can determine the width of the overview column by moving the dividing bar. To do this, place the cursor on the dividing line and drag the column to the desired width.

On a tablet, first click on the triangle icon at the bottom right. The dividing bar appears, which you can now move to the desired position.

Full screen mode

The overview column can be hidden, so the content column appears as a full screen.

On the computer, click the minimize icon in the overview column.

The overview column disappears and you are in full screen mode. The functions from the overview column are now displayed in the sidebar at the bottom.



To display the overview column again, click on the maximise symbol, which is now in the sidebar on the left. Proceed as follows for tablets: Click on the active table of contents symbol at the top of the overview column to hide or show it again.