Cloud and Sharing Administration

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All sharing features and the cloud can be found under this icon Sharing Main Icon
Here you will find an overview of your inbound and outbound (shipments) files.
If you have the necessary authorization, you can create, send and maintain folders here

  • Dossier Transaktionen Aktiv
    In order to share enrichments, an authorised person summarises them in a dossier. These dossiers can then be sent to groups and/or individual members of these groups and/or members.
  • Group administration Gruppe Administrieren Aktiv
    Authorized persons can create groups (school classes) and invite members (learners) by means of an access code. Subsequently, this person can share enrichments of their ebooks with a group or individuals.
    If you are a group administrator, you can create a new group and manage the existing ones.
  • Memberships Mitgliedschaften Aktiv
    To join a group, you must have their access code. When you join a group, you accept that pages and other annotations shared by the group administrator will be automatically accepted and added to your ebooks. The automatic copying is limited to the listed ebooks.
    Here you get an overview of your memberships and can manage them.
  • Cloud Cloud Aktiv
    With the beook Cloud you can synchronize your enrichments of ebooks on all your devices.
    Activate the beook Cloud under Settings. You can then trigger an additional synchronization under this icon.


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