Log in – Create an account in beook

From version 8.0 onwards, an onboarding process guides you through the first steps with beook. The onboarding process is started directly after installing the app and you can start it with a click on "Let's go". If you do not want to use the onboarding, you can also exit it directly by clicking on "Exit".


Onboarding DE  

If you already have a beook account, you can log in directly. This also applies to Swissmem customers who have now switched to beook. The procedure for switching from Swissmem to beook is described here. If you have never worked with beook before, you must register first. The onboarding process will guide you through the individual steps, which are also listed again below.

For the registration or login, you will be redirected to the external browser and an overview of all providers represented in beook will be displayed.





  • ...for which you have purchased activation codes
  • ...or where you already have an account and activated licenses

  If you have accounts with several providers, it is best to start the registration process according to the following  instructions.  For all other cases, select your provider and follow the login or registration process until you are prompted to return to the app.  

Completing information

  Once you are back in the app, you can complete your further information. These contain:

  • salutation
  • Possibility to customize first name/last name
  • The avatar consists of the first letters of the first and last name, for which a color can be chosen. The avatar is mainly visible in the part function.
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Accept the terms of use (mandatory field)
  • Profile name: If you have already set up a profile on the device, you can give the new profile a name.

    Screenshot 2021 06 25 At 09.32.49  

A click on "Confirm" creates a profile for the selected user in the app. Follow the "Next Steps"-dialog to …  

  • Redeem activation codes: From the existing providers, select the one that is specified on your activation code document. Enter your activation codes below. 
  • Linking of further accounts with the same user: This offers the possibility to use licenses of several providers in one profile simultaneously, e.g. from hep verlag and beook. More about this on the following page.
  • Navigate to the "My ebooks" view, where you have all your licensed ebooks in one overview. This is called "Portal" and is the start page when you start the app from now on. 

    Bildschirmfoto 2020 03 11 Um 12.41.24   Screenshot 2021 06 25 At 09.26.22      


  With beook 6 the concept of profiles was introduced. This allows power users to store their data in beook in structured form. Each user can create any number of own profiles on the same device with the same beook installation. A profile stands for its own place for personal data. Each profile contains a separate database and thus logically separated data. Profiles allow the following new possibilities:  

  • Teachers with different classes who would like to work through ebooks per class (without cloud synchronization) can create profiles per class. In each profile, they install only those teaching materials that are needed for the corresponding class.
  • Use of the beook app by several users on the same device without seeing the contents of the other. This allows a cleaner multi-user behavior. Please note that the profiles do not take over the security measures required by the operating system (direct file access in the system remains unprotected, profiles of others can be deleted).

  As a standard user, you will usually only have one profile - and always be logged in with it. The exception is users who have ebooks from multiple vendors. By default, they have one profile per provider in the app with the licensed ebooks of each provider. In this case, however, since beook version 6.1 users have the possibility to merge their accounts, so that only one profile in the app is required for all licensed ebooks. You can read how to do this here.

Login with existing profile

  If a profile already exists on the device, it will be displayed in the app when you log in. As soon as you select the desired profile, you will be forwarded - analogous to the registration process - to the system browser, where you can register with the appropriate provider. The login data must match the data stored in the profile. You will then be redirected to "My ebooks". If you need more detailed information on what users, accounts and profiles are all about and how they differ exactly, you will find here a more detailed explanation of the topic and instructions on how to manage your profiles.  

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Logon of a user with multiple linked accounts

  If you have several linked user accounts, it is sufficient to select one of the linked providers in the provider selection and execute its login. beook independently checks which user this concerns and logs in the global user with all linked accounts.