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Install the beook app now and take full advantage of all its features.

First steps

We guide you through the first steps with beook so you can get started right away. 


beook app

Do you have an iPad, Android tablet, smartphone, Windows or Mac computer? For each platform there are detailed instructions to install the beook app on your personal device. Please also note our system requirements.




beook app

beook web

In the future, you will be able to use your ebooks on the beook web platform. This is still under development and currently contains a limited number of ebooks. In addition to German, other languages such as English and French will follow. Thanks to the uncomplicated access, you will be able to work on your learning materials and solve your exercises at any time on other devices with an Internet connection – without having to install the app first. 

First steps.

Get started right now, in just four steps you can fully use beook.  Below you will find more help and a link to our documentation.

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Create user

Create a new account under “Register” with the provider from whom you purchased the license. Then complete your user details in the app.

Redeem activation code

In the next step you can redeem your activation code, which you can find on your license sheet. The coupon code has to be redeemed only once, after that it is linked to your user.

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Install ebook

The registration process is now complete. Under “My ebooks” you can see all your licensed ebooks where you can install them directly.

Start learning experience

Done, everything is now set up! You can now open the installed ebooks with the sidebar or directly in the portal and get started.

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Support and

In our collection of documentation you will find a lot of help for different levels: whether you have difficulties with setting up the account, activating ebooks, creating annotations or the sharing function. You will also find numerous practical instructions on how to operate beook and how to use it for teaching purposes.