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More speed with beook 6 - Everything you need to know about the latest version

Tuesday June 18, 2019

What's new with beook 6?

In addition to a new design of the user interface, the newly developed infrastructure in the background has greatly accelerated the startup and optimized the storage of files - while maintaining complete offline capability.

As a user of beook on many different devices, you benefit from an improved licensing practice: A new feature is that a device of the license is only "consumed" when an ebook is installed. This allows you to control on which device you want to use which licenses. Uninstalling an ebook releases the corresponding license for another personal device.

On Windows devices, a new browser is used which interprets the latest HTML5 standards and can play interactive and audio-visual content as desired.

hep eLehrmittel users welcome!

The wide offer of hep verlag is now available in beook. The combination of hep verlag's eLehrmittel app with beook makes it very easy for all eLehrmittel users to edit their content in a single app. All details can be found on the website of hep-verlagFrage.

Switching from beook 5.5

If you would like to continue using version 5.5 in addition to the new version 6, there are a few points to keep in mind

  • The apps under Windows and macOS have the same name and are installed in the same folder by default. It is best to rename version 5.5, for example from C:\Apps\beook to C:\Apps\beook5.
  • The data is stored in separate folders and does not overwrite each other.
  • You can then use both version 5 and version 6. Ideally not at the same time, otherwise conflicts with the cloud can occur.

iOS and Android users

Version 6 is available for iOS and Android from mid-July. As account creation is currently disabled in version 5, please contact support to create your account. Ideally, you should first create an account in version 6 and name the user name (e-mail) so that this user can be transferred to version 5.

New login procedure and more possibilities for power users with profiles

The login now takes place in an external browser - so your details are safe from foreign eyes. Details on registration and account creation can be found under Documentation → Login - Create account

If you use beook with different classes or as an author in quality assurance, you can use the profile functionality in the future. For more information see documentation → Manage accounts and profiles

Soon there will also be the possibility of linking accounts from different providers. We will keep you up to date at this point.

Proven functionalities

The proven functions for editing content, keyword search and the proven overview columns continue to be an integral part of the leading platform for digital teaching aids: beook 6. We wish you continued: efficient learning!