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beook 5.2.3

Monday April 23, 2018

 beook 5.2.3 brings numerous innovations and improvements.

  • New notes management: Annotations can be filtered in a clear and versatile view and displayed in the table of contents. There you can edit the notes directly. more
  • Notes in Tasks: As in the content, all note types and markers can now also be added to the task area. more
  • Sharing tasks: The sharing functionality has been extended to share your own answers as a lecturer/teacher of a group/class.more
  • Improved sharing function: Items can be refreshed once the "mail has been lost".
  • Copying of sample solutions: Sample solutions of the tasks can be copied as a separate solution using a new function. There you can edit and share them. more
  • Improved media column: The media column has been revised and improved. more
  • Multi-Window: The Windows/Mac version now has a multi-window technology. Each page and each task can be opened in another window. This makes it possible to work side by side, for example to solve a task and research it in the ebook. Or a summary can be opened externally in a separate page to compile the contents from different places. more
  • Open media externally: Media such as videos can be opened via a system setting in the external player. Besides a desired additional functionality, this also fixes a problem with Windows 10 and the video playback in the app.
  • Open links externally: All links can also be opened with a configuration in the external standard browser to create bookmarks, for example. more
  • Close browser: When jumping from content or a task to a web page in the integrated web browser, you can use the X button at the top right to return to the original location. more
  • Show editable fields individually: In presentation mode with hidden annotations, the editable text fields can now be displayed individually by clicking on them. Ideal for the solution discussion at the beamer. more
  • Enhancements in the smartphone version: The smartphone version for iPhone and Android has new functions, including the media view. This gives it all the functions of its big brother.
  • Support of H5P: Interactive H5P elements can now be integrated into the ebooks with the conversion, so that they can also be used offline.
  • New configuration options for server installation: Take with us contact.
  • Numerous bug fixes and improvements: With this version we have again implemented many feedback and improvements. Many thanks to all users for their feedback.

Note: The first start takes a little longer because the data is migrated. Please wait for the startup process without interrupting it.