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beook 5.3.1

Tuesday June 12, 2018

 The new version 5.3.1 brings a wealth of new functions. Here is an overview

  1. We have completely revised the search, the bookmarks and the filter options
  2. These functions are now also available for tasks, i.e. tasks can now be searched and bookmarks set
  3. The search column and the bookmark column are omitted. This makes the overview columns clearer, following the motto: with less more.
  4. The search, filters and bookmarks are now uniformly located in the filter settings for content and tasks.
  5. The magic icon is the «eye» in the toolbar of the overview column
  6. The filter is active as long as the "eye" is green. Click "Close" or again on "Eye" to deselect the filter, gray. More information here
  7.  The search is now carried out using keywords. Instead of displaying a confusing list of partial hits, the appropriate words are first displayed sorted by hit rate. Now select the word you are looking for and all places found are displayed clearly in the table of contents. After that you can find them and return to the filter (via eye, which is still green) to select the next word.
  8. The bookmarks are also displayed in the filter, also for all chapters
  9. The ebook can also be displayed selectively. For example, only the read or unread pages, only your own pages, only the received or shared pages can be listed.
  10. These functions are now also combined with the task filter for tasks.
  11. Teaching aids with classified elements can also be classified according to subject areas or performance objectives, for example
  12. In the note column (annotations) you can now not only filter by content, but also find a note quickly using a text search.
  13. Editable fields can now be shown and hidden individually in presentation mode.
  14. A dashboard is now available in certain teaching aids, which is especially helpful on the smartphone. There you can also use the quiz function for the learning cards (depending on the teaching material available). More information here