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beook 6.5.0

Friday October 9, 2020

New functions

  • The learning scenarios have been expanded once again. Now the transmission of performances is synchronised via the cloud, so that the scenarios can be continued on other devices.
  • Scenarios can now also be shared using the share function.
  • In learning scenarios a separate page can be set as prologue and epilogue. In this way work instructions and a final page can be defined.
  • Shared pages can be copied and edited by members
  • Support for Inkscape version 1.0.1 (downward compatible with 0.92)

Bug fixes

  • Improved search when searching in "full screen
  • Cloud synchronisation improved when changing profiles
  • Various bug fixes for the scenarios
    • Link pages can now be added
    • Image tasks are displayed correctly during editing
    • Answers are saved correctly
  • Image annotations are displayed immediately after creation
  • With own pages you can add pictures again
  • Book is inserted in the correct place in the menu after installation
  • Drawing note is released after editing
  • Improved overview of the parts function
    • The 10 most recent programmes are displayed in the list, more can be downloaded
    • Overview which ebooks are missing in shipments