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beook 6.3.0

Friday February 21, 2020

This update brings numerous improvements for the stability and performance of the app. We recommend that you update as soon as possible.

New features and improvements

  • Improves the installation and updating of tutorials. This feature is important for the next time you update your tutorials.
  • The beook search now allows, in addition to full-text searches of the contents, searches of tasks and notes from all installed ebooks.
  • The beook cloud can be deactivated in profiles so that the data is not synchronised with other profiles of the same user
  • Shows the number of selected ebooks in the portal that will be installed
  • Improved display of the details of an ebook in the portal
  • In the portal, links to the ebooks can be copied to the clipboard
  • Improved user guidance during and after login
  • In presentation mode the own solutions of tasks are hidden
  • The statistics for the tasks are now available in the action menu.
  • By double-clicking on an entry in the annotation column you can switch to the corresponding page in the ebook
  • In the future it will be possible to jump to pages and tasks via nodeId in ebooks converted with "beook author".

Bug fixes

  • Corrects an error in the adjustment of the user data
  • The progress bar during the installation of the ebooks is scrolled correctly
  • Corrects the display errors when using the pen
  • Various other corrections in functions and display