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Windows update November 2017 solves right-click/double-click problems

Wednesday November 29, 2017

 Microsoft Windows introduced a bug in September/October with an operating system update. As a result, right-clicking on images and text and double-clicking images to open them in Preview/Editor will no longer work.

The latest Windows update from November 2017 fixes this problem. Therefore, run the latest Windows operating system updates and then restart the device and beook.

A handy guide to updating your Windows can be found here:

beook 5.0.4 EN

Wednesday November 29, 2017

  The update to version 5.0.4 brings some detail improvements for the smartphone. It also corrects some reported errors, including

  • Improved integration with the Inkscape drawing editor
  • Improvements with the Parts function
  • Correction of an error with the iPad drawing editor