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beook 5.3.1

Tuesday June 12, 2018

 The new version 5.3.1 brings a wealth of new functions. Here is an overview

  1. We have completely revised the search, the bookmarks and the filter options
  2. These functions are now also available for tasks, i.e. tasks can now be searched and bookmarks set
  3. The search column and the bookmark column are omitted. This makes the overview columns clearer, following the motto: with less more.
  4. The search, filters and bookmarks are now uniformly located in the filter settings for content and tasks.
  5. The magic icon is the «eye» in the toolbar of the overview column
  6. The filter is active as long as the "eye" is green. Click "Close" or again on "Eye" to deselect the filter, gray. More information here
  7.  The search is now carried out using keywords. Instead of displaying a confusing list of partial hits, the appropriate words are first displayed sorted by hit rate. Now select the word you are looking for and all places found are displayed clearly in the table of contents. After that you can find them and return to the filter (via eye, which is still green) to select the next word.
  8. The bookmarks are also displayed in the filter, also for all chapters
  9. The ebook can also be displayed selectively. For example, only the read or unread pages, only your own pages, only the received or shared pages can be listed.
  10. These functions are now also combined with the task filter for tasks.
  11. Teaching aids with classified elements can also be classified according to subject areas or performance objectives, for example
  12. In the note column (annotations) you can now not only filter by content, but also find a note quickly using a text search.
  13. Editable fields can now be shown and hidden individually in presentation mode.
  14. A dashboard is now available in certain teaching aids, which is especially helpful on the smartphone. There you can also use the quiz function for the learning cards (depending on the teaching material available). More information here


beook 5.2.3

Monday April 23, 2018

 beook 5.2.3 brings numerous innovations and improvements.

  • New notes management: Annotations can be filtered in a clear and versatile view and displayed in the table of contents. There you can edit the notes directly. more
  • Notes in Tasks: As in the content, all note types and markers can now also be added to the task area. more
  • Sharing tasks: The sharing functionality has been extended to share your own answers as a lecturer/teacher of a group/class.more
  • Improved sharing function: Items can be refreshed once the "mail has been lost".
  • Copying of sample solutions: Sample solutions of the tasks can be copied as a separate solution using a new function. There you can edit and share them. more
  • Improved media column: The media column has been revised and improved. more
  • Multi-Window: The Windows/Mac version now has a multi-window technology. Each page and each task can be opened in another window. This makes it possible to work side by side, for example to solve a task and research it in the ebook. Or a summary can be opened externally in a separate page to compile the contents from different places. more
  • Open media externally: Media such as videos can be opened via a system setting in the external player. Besides a desired additional functionality, this also fixes a problem with Windows 10 and the video playback in the app.
  • Open links externally: All links can also be opened with a configuration in the external standard browser to create bookmarks, for example. more
  • Close browser: When jumping from content or a task to a web page in the integrated web browser, you can use the X button at the top right to return to the original location. more
  • Show editable fields individually: In presentation mode with hidden annotations, the editable text fields can now be displayed individually by clicking on them. Ideal for the solution discussion at the beamer. more
  • Enhancements in the smartphone version: The smartphone version for iPhone and Android has new functions, including the media view. This gives it all the functions of its big brother.
  • Support of H5P: Interactive H5P elements can now be integrated into the ebooks with the conversion, so that they can also be used offline.
  • New configuration options for server installation: Take with us contact.
  • Numerous bug fixes and improvements: With this version we have again implemented many feedback and improvements. Many thanks to all users for their feedback.

Note: The first start takes a little longer because the data is migrated. Please wait for the startup process without interrupting it.

beook 4.6 EN

Wednesday November 29, 2017

 The new beook release brings stability and performance. There are also some exciting new features:

  • Formatted notes: You can insert new images, video links and hyperlinks in the notes. These notes can be placed directly in the layout, also opened with the pin
  • Improved presentation of own pages
  • Increased data security: Restore your data from a previous automatic backup
  • Improved part function
  • Share documents from your own pages
  • Improved performance on startup and stability

The new version is available for download from our website and in the Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore.

A PDF is also good - comparison between ebooks in beook and PDF documents

Wednesday November 29, 2017

PDF documents are used in many institutions and schools to distribute documents. So why should you as the publisher take the trouble to publish the documents as an ebook in beook?

We have put together a variety of benefits to make it easier for decision-makers to choose and to provide solid arguments for publishing in beook.

Click here for the white-paper with the comparison between "real ebooks" and PDF documents: beook - Comparison to PDF

beook 5.0.4 also for smartphones

Wednesday November 29, 2017

Full functionality, everything synchronized

  • The smartphone app offers the full range of functions and can be used as usual for your needs thanks to the simple navigation.
  • The beook cloud synchronizes all your personal data with your other devices.
  • Books of the "Flow-Layout" type can now display their full strength and thus outshine any PDF platform.

Newsletter Beook 5.0 2 Newsletter Beook 5.0 1

Note that using an ebook on your smartphone also requires a device license.

New features for desktop and tablets

Pages in the task part can now be tagged with notes, image annotations and marks. Use the possibility to place pictures, add personal notes to question texts or mark important parts of a question.
The desktop and tablet versions also benefit from a variety of "under-the-hood" improvements for improved performance and stability.

The new version 5.0 for iPhone and iPad is now available for download in the Apple AppStore as well as for Windows and Mac at the beook Webseite. The new Android version for Android smartphones and tablets will be available on Google Play from Tuesday, 24 October 2017.