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beook 6.4.1

Thursday June 25, 2020
  •  We have once again completely revised the scenarios. The creation and administration of the learning and task scenarios are now much clearer. The scenarios are now backed up and synchronized via the beook cloud. They can also be shared with the share function of a group.
    You can find more about the scenarios and a detailed description under Learning and exercise scenarios.
  • Links to websites can now be added to the notes as a new note type. For example, you can place a link to OneNote in a note and get to OneNote with a single click.
    Read more under Extended notes how to create notes with links to websites or applications.
  • You can now access the context menu with the actions in the table of contents by right-clicking.
  • Corrects an error that opened all external web pages in the external browser. This can be turned on again in the settings if desired, is deactivated by default.


beook 6.4.0

Tuesday June 2, 2020

We have used the last months to create numerous extensions, improvements and bug fixes in beook again. These are the news of version 6.4:

Learning scenarios

From version 6.4, beook offers the possibility of creating and executing your own learning scenarios. The scenarios can be used, for example, as exam preparation or to memorise what you have read. You can add any pages and tasks to your individual learning scenario, even from different teaching materials.

Images in your own pages

Creating your own pages in the content between the sections, this was already a frequently used feature at the beginning of beook to create summaries or to add further topics to the book. Now you can add as many pictures as you like as a gallery and place them anywhere in your own pages, simply by dragging and dropping. So you can create pages that are just as beautiful as the actual teaching materials. We have also modernized the editor and made it more clearly arranged.

Excerpts from teaching materials

With the new version it is possible to load an excerpt of certain teaching materials, which allows a limited number of pages or tasks to be used from a chapter. You can find the teaching materials under "Other ebooks" at the respective providers.

Minor useful improvements

  •     In the global beook search you can search for content from categories
  •     The search via notes and tasks is now possible next to the contents
  •     New you can reach the user via the App-Menu
  •     Luminous markings above formulas are better displayed
  •     The creation of luminous markers via the dialog is by default in Active Mode
  •     Links to pages or tasks can now also be used in OneNote, Word and Teams
  •     We have also made numerous smaller improvements in many areas

Bug fixes

  •     For comprehensive book updates, the cloud is reliably and immediately synchronized again
  •     The order of your own pages is correct for cloud synchronization
  •     Photos from smartphones are aligned correctly rotated
  •     Drag&Drop task scrolling correctly
  •     The export/import of profiles is now performed correctly
  •     Other minor improvements and fixes to increase stability and reliability

Technical improvements

  •     beook 6.4 now uses the OpenJDK in the latest version
  •     The platform was also modernised
  •     The macOS version is tested by Apple


The update is done via the installation program. After clicking OK the new version is loaded. Then close the running application and run the installation program.

beook 6.3.0

Friday February 21, 2020

This update brings numerous improvements for the stability and performance of the app. We recommend that you update as soon as possible.

New features and improvements

  • Improves the installation and updating of tutorials. This feature is important for the next time you update your tutorials.
  • The beook search now allows, in addition to full-text searches of the contents, searches of tasks and notes from all installed ebooks.
  • The beook cloud can be deactivated in profiles so that the data is not synchronised with other profiles of the same user
  • Shows the number of selected ebooks in the portal that will be installed
  • Improved display of the details of an ebook in the portal
  • In the portal, links to the ebooks can be copied to the clipboard
  • Improved user guidance during and after login
  • In presentation mode the own solutions of tasks are hidden
  • The statistics for the tasks are now available in the action menu.
  • By double-clicking on an entry in the annotation column you can switch to the corresponding page in the ebook
  • In the future it will be possible to jump to pages and tasks via nodeId in ebooks converted with "beook author".

Bug fixes

  • Corrects an error in the adjustment of the user data
  • The progress bar during the installation of the ebooks is scrolled correctly
  • Corrects the display errors when using the pen
  • Various other corrections in functions and display

beook 6.2

Thursday December 5, 2019

With this update some new features are available, besides numerous improvements and bug fixes.

  • Printing of single pages is possible, if this was configured with the ebook at the request of the provider.
  • Corrects an error when transferring groups from the Share function of version 5.
  • Expired licenses (due to a device overdraft) receive a "grace period" of 7 days until they need to be renewed.
  • Supports the correction of tasks with different strategies (e.g. with a certain similarity or tolerance).
  • Active marking provides visual feedback.
  • Fixes a problem when updating ebooks.
  • The cloud data can be exported unencrypted, so they can be re-imported encrypted on another user profile. This makes it possible to transfer the data from one incorrectly linked account to another.
  • During installation in the network, app folders can be created at a different location than in the profile (Experimentel, concerns the .swt folder in the userhome).
  • Web pages can always be opened by configuration in the external standard browser.
  • Improved detection of a valid network connection behind firewalls.
  • Proxy configuration support.

We recommend to perform the update.

beook 5.5, end of support

As of 31.12.2019, version 5.x of beook will no longer be supported and the servers of version 5 will be shut down. After that no more ebooks can be installed, it is no longer possible to log in and the cloud is no longer used. The ebooks can now only be used in "offline" mode. You should therefore upgrade to version 6 by the end of the year. You will find instructions on how to switch to beook 6 under How do I switch to beook 6?

beook 6.1

Friday October 4, 2019

With this version a new important feature is available, the linking of multiple login accounts with one user and thus the use of any ebooks in the same profile.

In addition, there are numerous improvements and corrections, which are summarized as follows:

New features

  • Multiple accounts from different vendors can be linked to the same user. This allows you to group all your ebooks in the same profile. Read more under Manage accounts and profiles.
  • Switch between external windows with Alt-Tab/Ctrl-Tab. Work with multiple ebooks side by side.
  • External windows can be moved to the background.
  • Saving the screen size for the next start of the app
  • Images can be copied to the clipboard
  • Significant speed and performance improvement in the display of ebooks
  • Chromium Browser also for macOS

bug fixes

  • A dossier can now be duplicated again
  • Fix a bug where in certain cases group members could not join the group
  • Fix a problem when calling Inkscape with spaces in the path
  • Corrects the error when backing up the workspace.
  • Fixes a problem displaying white pages on certain ebooks with many formulas
  • Fixes a problem when resetting tasks
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused tasks not to be callable anymore
  • Images can be pasted in the extended editor via the clipboard again

We recommend to install the new version on all devices by means of the software update.