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beook 8.0

Wednesday August 3, 2022

We are happy to release version 8.0 just in time for the start of school. This version contains various useful improvements and numerous new features and enhancements. The following new functions are available with version 8.0:


To make it easier for new learners to get started, the user is guided through the first steps after the app installation with the help of an onboarding process. This includes creating an account with the correct provider, as well as redeeming activation codes. The linking of multiple accounts is also accompanied.

The first steps and the onboarding process are briefly explained here.

Support assistant

It is now possible to run the support assistant in the event of difficulties with the app. The support assistant is used to solve support cases in real time by means of an interactive question-answer dialogue. It is able to carry out an analysis, find out about problems and offers the user help that is also implemented automatically. The support assistant is constantly being expanded and currently covers the most common cases in relation to registration and licensing.

Here you will find a short description of the Support Assistant.

Sharing 2.0

The entire sharing function has been revised and rebuilt. In order to continue using the sharing function, it is imperative that both students and teachers use version 8.0 and that a migration is carried out. Instructions for the individual steps can be found here. In the coming months, the sharing function will be continuously expanded on the basis of this new infrastructure.


In addition, we have improved many details and fixed known bugs. So it's worth switching to version 8.0.

We wish everyone a good start to school!

Release planning and recommendations

Monday June 27, 2022

Update beook 7.3.4

The new beook version 7.3.4 is released and available on our website. This version contains various optimisations and is expected to remain the latest version until August 2022. Benefit from the new marking dialogue and be curious about version 8.0, which is expected to be released in the first week of August.

This is a summary of the news of version 7.3.4 at a glance:

New features

  • New, revised marking dialogue
  • Reliable links to other ebooks with multiple editions
  • Update of all basic components of beook to the latest status

Bug fixes

  • Fixes a problem with occasional hangs and crashes.


Outlook Version 8.0

Version 7.3.4 is probably the last version before the big update to version 8.0, which is expected to be released at the beginning of August 2022. You can look forward to many innovations and enhancements. For example, the entire sharing function will be revised and rebuilt. In addition, our newly developed diagnostic tool will be used for the first time with this version: in addition to an "onboarding" process that welcomes all learners and guides them through their first steps with beook, it also serves to solve support cases in real time by means of a question-and-answer dialogue. The diagnostic tool will be continuously expanded in the future to provide users with fast and effective problem solving.


Recommended procedure: Updating

Continue with version 7.2.1

If the sharing function is not used and you already want to install a new version and not version 8.0, you can use version 7.2.1. This is stable and therefore also suitable for the start of school in the summer. This is possible until autumn, after which we recommend updating to version 8.0.


Installing version 7.3.4 and 8.0

If you have the flexibility to carry out all updates at any time, we recommend installing the current version 7.3.4 and using it until the end of July. In August 2022, you can then install version 8.0 and be well prepared for the start of school.


Waiting for version 8.0

If the sharing function is used, we recommend waiting for version 8.0 from the beginning of August. The entire sharing function is currently being revised and it will be necessary for both teachers and pupils to switch to version 8.0 in order to be able to use Sharing 2.0. In view of the start of school in August, we also recommend using version 8.0 because of the diagnostic tool.

We will keep you informed and wish you a wonderful summer!

In this sense, see you soon,
Your ionesoft team

beook 7.2.0

Monday January 31, 2022

Benefit from the numerous innovations and improvements included in version 7.2.0:


  • Improved navigation of scenarios 
  • New and improved saving of tasks as well as of editable fields in the content: now, appropriately filled text fields in the ebook are automatically saved without having to change the page first.
  • Optimised playback of videos: the position is saved and starts again at the last position
  • Display and licensing of individual chapters available

Bug fixes

  • Data is now not always downloaded again from the cloud
  • Fixed display error where incomplete synchronisation is displayed although the cloud was correctly synchronised
  • Minor display problems with new ebooks fixed
  • Task is now correctly marked in the table of contents when clicking on a link
  • Other various improvements


beook 7.1.6

Wednesday September 22, 2021

With the new version, it is now possible to work even more efficiently thanks to the new concept for keyboard shortcuts:

There are now various keyboard shortcuts available to jump to exercises, content, notes, etc. Editable fields or exercises can also be saved temporarily with a shortcut. The keyboard shortcuts are documented here.

We have also made various corrections and improvements:

  • Fixed error with the navigation on the pages in certain fixed-layout ebooks.
  • The learning and exercise scenarios show appealing statistics at the end, which result was achieved and how the performance was improved.

beook 7.1

Tuesday July 27, 2021

We have completely revised the display on the iPhone and Android smartphone. It is now possible to switch clearly and quickly between the content, the tasks, the annotations, the media and the search. Navigation has been greatly simplified.

Furthermore, we have implemented numerous general improvements in this version as well as corrected the errors known to us.

We wish you a good start into the new school year.