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beook 7.1.6

Wednesday September 22, 2021

With the new version, it is now possible to work even more efficiently thanks to the new concept for keyboard shortcuts:

There are now various keyboard shortcuts available to jump to exercises, content, notes, etc. Editable fields or exercises can also be saved temporarily with a shortcut. The keyboard shortcuts are documented here.

We have also made various corrections and improvements:

  • Fixed error with the navigation on the pages in certain fixed-layout ebooks.
  • The learning and exercise scenarios show appealing statistics at the end, which result was achieved and how the performance was improved.

beook 7.1

Tuesday July 27, 2021

We have completely revised the display on the iPhone and Android smartphone. It is now possible to switch clearly and quickly between the content, the tasks, the annotations, the media and the search. Navigation has been greatly simplified.

Furthermore, we have implemented numerous general improvements in this version as well as corrected the errors known to us.

We wish you a good start into the new school year.

beook 7.0.3

Monday June 14, 2021

This version contains various small corrections and improvements:

  • Jump to exercises works correctly again
  • Optimisation of the cloud settings: Cloud is activated correctly for new users
  • Improvement in saving markers: markers in text passages containing special characters (e.g. apostrophes) are also saved reliably.

beook web 1.2

Wednesday March 31, 2021
We have been diligent in the last few months: beook is now also available as a web version. The first version does not yet have annotations, but can be fully used for displaying the content. Later, it will also be possible to create annotations, which will be synchronised with the cloud and to carry out searches (around the end of July). Task processing will follow in autumn/winter. We are now publishing new ebooks on an ongoing basis as requested by providers. We will keep you up to date!

beook 7.0

Tuesday March 30, 2021

In this version we have added new functions and updated the entire software components, as well as making various corrections. 

New functions

  • Exam mode: There is a new exam mode which deactivates the internet browser and does not allow any other calls to websites. The check mode can be activated in the settings.
  • Permissions can be shared via the cloud: Learners can thus view the solutions for certain exercises.
  • New notification system: notifications about book updates, app updates and other information now directly in the app.
  • Pen input in the drawing editor now works perfectly under Windows
  • Tabs and control keys can be used in the app
  • Updating software components to the latest version
  • Exercise scenarios: multiple chapters can now be selected when creating an exercise scenario

Useful improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved display of note windows in full screen mode
  • Hyphenation now works everywhere with continuous text under Windows
  • Optimised sorting when sending exercises by e-mail
  • Text editor now has more styles and links can be inserted
  • Bookmarks are always displayed in the right place
  • Filter is closed and reset correctly when changing chapters
  • Control of the size of the log files, so that sending a support request is possible at any time