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beook 5.0.4

Donnerstag November 2, 2017

Der Update auf die Version 5.0.4 bringt einige Detailverbesserungen für das Smartphone. Zudem werden damit einige gemeldete Fehler korrigiert, unter anderem

  • Verbesserung der Integration mit dem Zeichnungseditor Inkscape
  • Verbesserungen mit der Teilen-Funktion
  • Korrektur eines Fehlers mit dem iPad Zeichnungsditor

beook 5.0.4 IT

Donnerstag November 2, 2017

L' aggiornamento alla versione 5.0.4 apporta alcuni miglioramenti di dettaglio per lo smartphone. Essa corregge inoltre alcuni errori segnalati, tra cui

  • Integrazione migliorata con l' editor di disegni Inkscape
  • Miglioramenti con la funzione Parti
  • Correzione di un errore con l' editor di disegno iPad

beook 5.0.4 FR

Donnerstag November 2, 2017

 La mise à jour vers la version 5.0.4 apporte quelques améliorations détaillées pour le smartphone. Il corrige également certaines erreurs signalées, notamment

*Intégration améliorée avec l'éditeur de dessin Inkscape
*Améliorations avec la fonction Pièces
*Correction d'une erreur avec l'éditeur de dessin iPad

beook 5.0.4 EN

Donnerstag November 2, 2017

 The update to version 5.0.4 brings some detail improvements for the smartphone. It also corrects some reported errors, including

*Improved integration with the Inkscape drawing editor
*Improvements with the Parts function
*Correction of an error with the iPad drawing editor

beook 5,0, also for smartphones

Sonntag Oktober 15, 2017

 Learning to learn comfortably on the go has always been an important requirement of us at beook. Therefore, the consistent strategy comes with the goal to be able to use beook completely offline.
With version 5.0 we are taking a big step forward for you and making learning on the go easier: The beook app is now also available for iPhone and Android smartphones!

Full functionality, everything synchronized

  • The smartphone app offers the full range of functions and can be used as usual for your needs thanks to the simple navigation.
  • The beook cloud synchronizes all your personal data with your other devices.
  • Books of the "Flow-Layout" type can now display their full strength and thus outshine any PDF platform.

Newsletter Beook 5.0 2 Newsletter Beook 5.0 1

Note that using an ebook on your smartphone also requires a device license.

New features for desktop and tablets

Pages in the task part can now be tagged with notes, image annotations and marks. Use the possibility to place pictures, add personal notes to question texts or mark important parts of a question.
The desktop and tablet versions also benefit from a variety of "under-the-hood" improvements for improved performance and stability.

The new version 5.0 for iPhone and iPad is now available for download in the Apple AppStore as well as for Windows and Mac at the beook Webseite. The new Android version for Android smartphones and tablets will be available on Google Play from Tuesday, 24 October 2017.

Have fun and smart learning!