beook 5.4.1

Friday August 10, 2018

May makes everything new... even if May is sometimes simply too short: just in time for the start of the new semester for vocational students, students and other learners, the version of beook is ready!

Help, where's the search column? And where are the bookmarks?  With this version new possibilities were created, in order to arrange themselves the overview columns for contents, notes and tasks by filter always suitably. Just view all the unread pages, or just the difficult tasks, or just the blue notes. This change made it possible to save the overview columns for bookmarks and for the ebook search - this benefits the overview. The search and bookmarks can now be used via the filter of the content column.

An update from beook is worthwhile!

  • Text search in notes and markers
  • Keyword search in content and tasks
  • Editable fields can be displayed individually in presentation mode
  • Multi-Window for Mac and Windows: Open a chapter and solve the associated tasks at the same time
  • Many minor bug fixes