beook 6.1

Friday October 4, 2019

With this version a new important feature is available, the linking of multiple login accounts with one user and thus the use of any ebooks in the same profile.

In addition, there are numerous improvements and corrections, which are summarized as follows:

New features

  • Multiple accounts from different vendors can be linked to the same user. This allows you to group all your ebooks in the same profile. Read more under Manage accounts and profiles.
  • Switch between external windows with Alt-Tab/Ctrl-Tab. Work with multiple ebooks side by side.
  • External windows can be moved to the background.
  • Saving the screen size for the next start of the app
  • Images can be copied to the clipboard
  • Significant speed and performance improvement in the display of ebooks
  • Chromium Browser also for macOS

bug fixes

  • A dossier can now be duplicated again
  • Fix a bug where in certain cases group members could not join the group
  • Fix a problem when calling Inkscape with spaces in the path
  • Corrects the error when backing up the workspace.
  • Fixes a problem displaying white pages on certain ebooks with many formulas
  • Fixes a problem when resetting tasks
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused tasks not to be callable anymore
  • Images can be pasted in the extended editor via the clipboard again

We recommend to install the new version on all devices by means of the software update.