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Search over all ebooks

Beook Suche (global)  The magnifying glass icon is located in the lower left sidebar. This opens the global beook search, which allows you to quickly find all your installed ebooks. And all this offline, with different search criteria and display options. Here's how it works...


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1. Search keyword

Enter one or more search terms here. Then press one of the two search buttons to start the search. You can additionally filter whether the search should only refer to books, exercises or notes or to everything.


2. Search types

Search in titel

This is the simplest and fastest form. The search takes place via texts in the table of contents. 

Any text in the content is searched. So you can search for texts in the complete ebooks.


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The search results are then displayed in a list. If you want to further restrict the search criteria, use the options on the right.  


3. Search criteria


If you enter several terms for the search, you can choose from three options:

  • Whether the title or text of a section must contain only one of the terms (minimum a search term), OR search
  • Whether the title or text must contain all terms (all search terms), AND search
  • Or whether exactly the entered text is to be found (complete search term), EQUAL search


The results can be displayed with and without details. In the Details column, a small text excerpt of the position found is displayed.

ebook Filter

The search can also be restricted to a selection of ebooks. At the beginning, the search is performed on all installed ebooks. With the button "ebooks" in the upper right corner you can select or deselect the ebooks. Below the button or even after the title "x search results" the number of selected ebooks is displayed, so that you don't forget that a filter has been set.


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Depending on the installed ebooks you can also select categories. Categories are classifications of text sections that may be available depending on the ebook. For example, the recipes of the Richemont journals are classified by category. If a category has been selected, it is not mandatory to enter a search term. In this way, all text sections for the selected category can be listed, e. g. for a recipe search.


By clicking on a line of the search results you will be taken directly to the position found in the ebook. The last search is always saved, so you can switch between content and search results quickly and easily. As long as the app is open, the search remains active. The search is only deleted when the app is closed.