beook - an overview

An ebook is the digital version of a book, which has many additional advantages:

  • Space and weight saving
  • All books always at hand including notes
  • Interactive exercises with solutions and correction mode
  • Synchronisation with Cloud
  • Content sharing

Our ebook app can be used on all platforms (iPad, Andoid, Mac or Windows). The apps for the different platforms are almost identical in terms of their appearance and operation.


More ebooks

Here you will find a list of all publishers and educational institutions etc. that offer digital teaching materials in beook. Select your provider to view all the ebooks they offer.  

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My ebooks

You will find all ebooks you have purchased in the cover or list view. Here you can manage your ebooks. For more detailed information click on the desired ebook.

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You can find more information under Portal.  


The content

In this cleanly structured and clearly arranged area, all functions of the ebook are visible. The best way to use it is in landscape format, but it also works in portrait format. The overview column (left, red bordered) can be shown or hidden (full screen mode). You can add bookmarks, your own notes and markings when editing your content. The font size can be adjusted for optimum reading pleasure.

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The exercises

Varied and interesting learning is offered by the integrated exercises. Depending on the teaching material, you will find over 20 different types of tasks to solve directly in the app. In addition, there is the possibility of correction using the correction mode.

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You can find more about the types under exercises.


Cloud sync

Synchronise your annotations and answers to tasks with a cloud service to keep up to date on all devices. At the same time you have a backup of your user data.

Cloud Aktiv

You can find more on this topic under Cloud.


Content sharing

As a teacher, you have the option of passing on annotations, links or digital additions to your class - very easily via the beook app.

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You can find more on this topic under sharing.