beook account management

After you sign up with an existing account in beook logged in or created a new account you can manage your account by clicking on your name in the upper right corner. Meine ebooks On the page that follows, you can Mein Konto

Here is more detailed information on each of the actions:  

Change password

By clicking on the "Change password" link, you will be redirected to the following page. Then follow the instructions on the screen. Passwort ändern  

 Unlock ebooks

If you already have a beook account and would like to activate new ebooks for download, you can use the activation code on this page. Aktivierungscode Einloesen  

Update beook account and licenses

Click on this link to update the product catalogs, configurations and licenses. If you have received new ebooks, they will be activated and you can download them in the portal. Once the update is complete, the following message appears: Erfolgreich Aktualisiert  

Change account details

If you want to change your first or last name, avatar, etc., you can do this here. You cannot change the email address here, please send us an email Support - Feedback. Mein Konto Anpassen  

Register with another provider

You can choose between different providers during the registration process. Select your provider in the selection and then enter the corresponding login. Bei Anderem Anbieter Anmelden  


If you want to unsubscribe, you have three different options: Abmelden  

Logout device

With this option only the device on the license server is removed __. All installed ebooks, annotations etc. remain on the device. Do you have a Floating Device License the license is released to be redeemed on another device.

Delete my data locally

Again, the device is removed from the license server, but all personal annotations of all ebooks are also deleted. The ebooks themselves and also the data synchronized in the Cloud remain.

Remove my data locally and in the cloud

The third option deletes the device on the license server, all annotations of all ebooks and in addition it deletes all data on the Cloud. Only the ebooks remain on the device, but they can be deleted under «My ebooks».