Below you will find the list of topics we have covered in our live webinars. For each topic we have created short video tutorials (duration: 5 - 10 minutes). Take the opportunity to learn about new aspects and possibilities that beook offers and to familiarise yourself with the app. 

We are also flexible: if you would like a refresher course on a specific topic, please contact us with a proposed date and we will arrange an extraordinary training session if possible. We look forward to hearing from you!      

First steps using beook
Sought and found - All possibilities for global search and keyword search
Learning and exercise scenarios - Helpful for learners as well as teachers
Cloud and sharing - Data backup and distribution

Working with multiple profiles - Always keep the overview

ALLE Cover Videos Webinare Tipps Tricks 10min EN Tricks and tips - Responses to common support questions
ALLE Cover Videos Webinare Annotationen Einsetzen 10min EN Annotations - Using annotations wisely for efficient learning


More will follow soon!