With the "beook search" all installed ebooks can be searched quickly.

The "beook search" can be accessed in the sidebar at the bottom of this icon:
Beook Suche (global)

The search mask is as follows:

IOS Beook Suche

You can search only in the title or across the entire text, restrict the search term, specify several search terms separated by a space and also define the display of the search results, whether only with title or the text details.

Here are three application examples:


Search term on all ebooks

You have memorized a term or a partial sentence, but don't know in which ebook this topic is described?

With the "beook search" you can easily find the job. Enter the term you remembered in the search, maybe you remember that this term was used in a title, so you can narrow down your search by searching only in the titles. Otherwise, the full text search finds the content.


Search via selected ebooks

Are you looking for a topic that could be included in two of your five ebooks?

Activate or deactivate the ebooks, which you can safely exclude for the search. To do this, click on select ebook in the upper right corner and deactivate the respective ebooks. The selection of the ebooks will remain until you adjust something or the app is closed.

Tutorial beook Suche Ebook Filter Allgemein

The term you are looking for is now only searched in the selected ebooks.

Tutorial Beook Suche Ergebnisse gewählte ebooks allgemein


Recipe search in Richemont journal

Using the example of the trade journal, a monthly magazine by Richemont, we will show how to search by rubrics.

By installing the ebooks, the headings were also loaded. In the list of categories, you can specify a category to which the search should be restricted. You can now search without a search term, so you get all the recipes that belong to this category...

Tutorial Beook Suche   FABL   1 Rubrik

or you can further refine the results by adding a search term.

Tutorial Beook Suche   FABL   3 Rubrik Mit Suchbegriff

Click on a search result and beook jumps to the corresponding position. The search remains, so you can go back to the "beook search" and call the next result.

Tutorial Beook Suche   FABL   2 Link Zu Inhalt

Be inspired by a constantly growing recipe database.