Support with Team Viewer

TeamViewer  TeamViewer

ionesoft provides the possibility to solve the problem via TeamViewer with an employee for special support requests. TeamViewer enables the employee to see your screen and take control of the mouse.

To get in contact with an employee via TeamViewer, first send a normal support request via the application and write in the input field that you want to contact via TeamViewer.

Alternatively, the employee offers you support via TeamViewer in response to a support request.

Here are the instructions for using TeamViewer:

  1. Open the official TeamViewer page at: https://www.teamviewer.com/de/
  2. Click the button "QuickSupport"
    A program will now be downloaded, which you can then open by clicking on the downloaded program.
  3. The TeamViewer QuickSupport view opens. Here you can see your ID and password.
    Please send the ID and password to the supporter.
  4. The supporter can now successfully control your screen and solve your problems.
    You can see the connection from this display in the bottom right corner: