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You'd like to search for a text in a chapter or ebook, see only the pages you haven't read yet or incorrectly answered tasks? All this is possible in beook with the filter view.

You can access the filter view with the "magnifying glass" icon in the toolbar below the book cover.

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The filter view has a trivalent icon so that it can be clearly recognised whether a filter is currently set or not.

Filter Settings Off@2x Kopie No filter active The entire content is displayed by default. Clicking on the icon opens the filter view without a selected filter.
Filter Settings On@2x Kopie Filter open and active The filter can be defined. It remains active until "Close" is clicked.
Filter Settings Active@2x Kopie Filter active, view closed The filter is still active. However, the pages can now be displayed. Clicking on the icon opens the filter view again with the currently selected values.


Limit contents

The contents of the ebooks can be filtered according to various criteria:

  • By a search text (see Search)
  • By progress, all, read or unread pages
  • By the own pages, the shared pages or the received pages about a dossier


In addition, the filter range can be selected

  • All chapters shows the pages of the whole ebook
  • Bookmarks filters those pages which have been marked with a bookmark.

Screenshot 2021 06 25 At 09.45.51

Note the active filter with the "green magnifying glass". As long as this is green, not the whole table of contents is shown, but only the result of the filter.


Search with filter

The search in beook implements a unique concept. Instead of a free-text search with countless hits of the typed partial word, the search is two-stage:

  1. A word is typed in at the beginning. beook then searches for automatically generated keywords and displays them in a list below the input. The list is sorted by hit probability.
  2. You click on a keyword and the content column displays all exact hits of this keyword.
  3. You can then select a hit, view it and select the next hit in the filter via the filter icon.

You can now combine the search with further criteria. For example, you can search across all chapters, or you can search only in the pages you have read, those with bookmarks, the tasks you have solved, the correct tasks, etc.

Note: This type of search is not available in the simplified user interface on smartphones.

Limit exercises

An analogously designed filter can also be found in the tasks.

Screenshot 2021 06 25 At 09.46.38

The elements of the task filter are:

  • Search text (see search)
  • Progress, the solved, unsolved or all tasks.
  • Difficulty, or another grouping, different depending on the teaching material.
  • Correctness, the tasks solved incorrectly, approximately correctly or correctly.
  • Classification, if available, a term of a classification can be typed in and selected here.


In addition, the filter range can be selected

  • All chapters showing the exercises of the whole teaching material.
  • Bookmarks filters those tasks that have been marked with a bookmark.

You can reset the tasks in the action menu of the toolbar to answer them again afterwards.

beook also has a global search, the beook search, across all your loaded ebooks, even on smartphones.