Recovery Manager

This function allows you to restore lost annotations (marks, notes, own pages, solutions to exercises). It uses backup files on your device, which the beook app creates automatically.

Important: Elements deleted manually in the ebooks will not be visible again.

When restoring, the current status is not overwritten, but the restored annotations are added to the current status.

Sharing Main Icon  Click on the Cloud and Share icon in the sidebar on the left.

Cloud Aktiv  Go to the Cloud by clicking on the Cloud icon at the top right.


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Then click on "Restore" at the top. There you will find a short explanation of the restore function.


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Backups of your personal content are automatically created on your device when certain actions are performed. You have the option of manually starting a backup via "Create complete backup".

A restore adds missing elements of your personal content. However, elements manually deleted in the ebooks will not be visible again. This is not possible due to the cloud synchronisation.

The backup data is only stored locally (not in the beook Cloud). Following a restore, the data is updated in the beook Cloud. This way, the restored data is transferred to all your devices.


Create backup

If you want to create a backup of the current state of your annotations, click on "Create complete backup".


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If you want to add your annotations from a previous state to the current one, select the desired one from the list of local backups and click on "Restore (additive)" at the bottom. If you select several backups to restore, they will be added in chronological order.

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Delete backup

If you want to delete a previous backup, select it in the list and click on "Delete". This action cannot be undone.