Media icons

Media is indicated with the specific symbols in the content. All media is also listed in the manage resources in the ebook portal. 

Link PDF  Icon for PDF files. PDF documents can also contain more than one page. 


Link Excel  Excel documents can be linked too and will be opened in excel on desktop computers.


Link Word  Word documents.


Link Video  Videos can be linked in two ways:

  1. As an internet link that will be streamed online. For this option you need an active internet connection and die authorization to open it (e.g. youtube.com).
  2. As a mp4 file that can be downloaded directly from within the app and can then be watched any time also without internet connection. This file is also listed under manage resources

Click on the play icon in the text to start the video. It will then be opened in an additional window.


Link Audio  Audio files can be linked as well.
A pop up window with a mini player appears on the iPad to controll start, progress, stop and break.

iOS Audio Popup