Floating license

By default, the activation of an ebook is bound to the device on which it was registered. This type of licensing is called a device license. Depending on the provider, the maximum number of allowed devices may vary. By default, the device is registered during the installation of the licensed ebook and released again during its deinstallation.

The floating license, on the other hand, allows the use independent of the device, but an Internet connection is always required when starting the beook App.

If your purchased license is a floating license you can see in the license sheet and under details of the activated ebook.

Automatic logon and logoff

By default, the floating license is automatically purchased at program startup (logged in) and released when the app is closed. An internet connection is required.

Thus, the ebook can be used on several devices in succession. Note that if the personal working directory is not accessible on a server from all devices and/or is synchronized via cloud, any annotations created are separated from each other.

Fixed License

If you want a license to be permanently available on a device even without an Internet connection when starting and closing, you can disable the automatic logon and logoff function in Settings > General. This means that the ebook can also be used offline on this device.

RCP Einstellungen Floating Lizenz