Linking with beook

The chapters and the search for content in beook can also be done from outside of the beook app. For example, from a web page or another app. To create a link you have to define the following URL.


A Example: This link refers to the chapter "4.1.1 iPad" in the integrated ebook "beook the book". beook://course/BEO/issueId/BEO04/topicTitle/iPad

For numbered works, it is sufficient to specify the section number with the addition topicId

beook://course/BEO/issueId/BEO04/topicId/4.1.1 I

t is also possible to link a full-text search of a term in an ebook. So the following link searches for all entries of "beook" in the entire text of the ebook.


Without the addition "? ebook=true" only the specified chapter is searched for, for example in chapter 3.


The parameter after course for the BOOKCODE can be viewed in the App portal on the details page of the ebook. The values for issueId are derived from the BOOKCODE. The first chapter has the postfix 01, the second chapter 02 etc.

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