Working with multiple profiles

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 What can multiple profiles be used for?

  • You have one login for several providers
  • Use of the device by multiple users
  • To the overview: Who has licensed a lot of ebooks, can create individual profiles for self defined groups of ebooks
  • For authors: Easy switching between production and quality assurance

You will find a general introduction to the new account & profile management here.

Creating profiles

When you start & log in to the app for the first time, your first profile is created automatically. However, you can create additional profiles with the same or different access data from different providers at any time.

  1. Click on your user name in the upper right corner of the app's portal
    Screenshot 2021 06 25 At 09.49.33  
  2. Click on "Manage profiles"
    Screenshot 2021 06 25 At 09.27.12  
  3. Click on "Create new profile".
    Screenshot 2021 06 25 At 09.50.27  
  4. Now the browser will open and you will see a selection of providers. Select the desired provider, beook for all other publishers/schools.
  5. Then log in with your user account or register a new account
  6. You can now close the browser window and go back to the app
  7. Complete the profile with your details and give the profile a name that well describes its function
    Screenshot 2021 06 25 At 09.32.49  
  8. On the next page you can either redeem activation codes or go directly to your already licensed ebooks
    Screenshot 2021 06 25 At 09.26.22  


Switch to another profile

You can switch to other profiles in two places:

  • Via the profile management:
    Screenshot 2021 06 25 At 09.54.11  
  • Or via the upper menu of the app
    Screenshot 2021 06 25 At 09.52.54  


Reuse profiles from other devices

As of version 8.0.4, it is possible to reuse profiles from other devices. If you choose this option, the ebooks that are installed on the other device are automatically installed on the current device and the annotations are adopted.

Here is an example of a profile that was originally created on a Windows device. After creating a new profile on a macOS device (via "Manage Profiles" > "Create New Profile"), one has the option to select the environment if the user has permissions for other environments (e.g. quality assurance, development). If the user does not have such permissions, this step is omitted.

3 Umgebung Wählen


If you select the "Production" environment here, profiles that were created in the production environment are displayed on other devices in the next step.


4 Profil Wiederverwenden  


This page shows an overview of all profiles in the production environment that have been used on other devices. The profile name is shown, on which device the profile was created and when, and the installed ebooks are listed. With a click on "Use existing profile", this profile can now be reused on this device. The ebooks will then be installed automatically:


5 Ebooks Werden Installiert  

6 Wiederverwendetes Profil  

Now you can continue working in this profile. If you want to create a completely new profile, you can of course do so by clicking on the grey button "Create new profile".