Insert text in external SVG program

In some SVG programs, there are problems with the display of created text, so that some of the text is set. is missing (especially with Inkscape). 

Inkscape creates text elements in two ways:

  1. Text frame (FlowRoot): If you drag a rectangle with the text tool - while holding down the mouse button - a rectangle is created. Text is automatically wrapped in it.
    In SVG-Standard 1.2 the object "FlowRoot" has been considered, but the implementation of FlowRoot has not been done by any browser according to different sources; and will most likely not happen in the future. Inkscape uses this element anyway. However, only "Text" elements are displayed correctly in beook and other SVG editors/viewers. 
  2. Text: as one-liner texts (text) if you click on any place with the text tool and then write it. Use this type of text input for beook. _How do I change existing "FlowRoot" elements in Inkscape? _

Select the desired text (not the text box) and then in the menu "Text > Convert to normal text". engl.: Convert to Text dial. Then save the file again.

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