(Re)find contents

Do you have to look up a topic in the teaching material for the upcoming exams, but you no longer know in which chapters it was dealt with? Did you find a page particularly exciting, but can't find it any more? beook offers you various ways of finding or retrieving content. While you are working through an ebook, you can always create a bookmark on a page to easily find it again using the filter. You can also search for a specific word either by chapter or by the whole book. If you want to search for whole sentences or over several books, the global search offers you this possibility. You can also search for specific images or other media such as videos or documents.  


On the page you want to bookmark, press the bookmark icon ( Collection Bookmarks On ) in the upper right corner.  

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The marked pages are then marked with a symbol in the table of contents and can be filtered using the content filter (magnifying glass symbol). 

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Keyword search

In the content filter you will also find the keyword search. After you have typed in the first three letters of your keyword, beook searches for matching words. Tap on the word you want to search for in the book. All hits in the search are then listed in the overview column on the left. By clicking on a hit, you will be taken to the desired page in the book. The filter remains open in the background until you close it again. By clicking on the filter symbol, the filter opens again with the settings you have made and you can select another keyword or make other filter settings. You can close the filter with the "Close" button in the filter. Then the entire content is displayed again.  Bildschirmfoto 2021 10 12 Um 12.07.39      

Visual search

Can you remember a particular picture, table or scheme from class, but don't remember which chapter you can find it in? beook offers you the possibility to search each book for pictures via the media column. To do this, open the media column within the book: Media On@2x   This will automatically take you to the filter mask where you can decide whether you want to search through all or only the current chapter, whether you want to search for images from the content or tasks, or whether you want to search for other media such as videos, audio files or documents. 

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For example, if you choose images from all chapters of the content, all images will be displayed either in the cover or slideshow view. If you click on the image you are looking for, the chapter and subchapter in which the image is located will be displayed on the left. This also works for documents, audio files or videos.  

Global search

The global search has the advantage that whole sentences can be searched and that it is possible to search over several books. For example, if you don't remember which textbook a topic was covered in, use this feature. You can search in the content as well as in the tasks and even in the notes you have created. Click on the magnifying glass symbol in the page list on the left side of the screen. 

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If you would like to learn more about the global search functions, click here: more...