Group administrator


Share - Function

With this sharing function, authorized persons (teachers, educational staff, administrators) can create their own groups (classes) and share their content with their group members (learners of classes). These shared items will then appear automatically in the group members' ebook, right where they were shared. The ebook can be selectively enriched without having to hand in cumbersome photocopies and put them back in the right place.


The new parts function can be used free of charge. You can register using the form below and will be authorized to administer groups and share content.

Detailed functions


  • Create group
  • Invite members in group
  • Create a dossier:
    • Share own pages
    • Share Postit Notes
    • Link to shared content
    • Share linked files (from 4.1)
    • Split markings (from 4.2)

  Further information can be found at Sharing.