General settings

Settings can vary from one device to another.


Portal Einstellungen On  The settings are accessible in the ebook and provider portal on the top right. The same icon is also placed in the side bar on the very left of the content view.

IOS Einstellungen


Personal details

Name and class but also the email adress for exporting of exercises can be defined here.

IOS Einstellungen Persönlich



Fine tuning can be done here, e.g. determine when a chapter is marked as read, enable swipe for page change, highlight text by strike or choose Drawing editors

IOS Einstellungen EBOOKs


General program informations

Look up app related informations (such as version number or product catalogs) that are important when contacting the technical support.

IOS Einstellungen Allgemeine Infos



Set up the cloud synchronization here. For details about the settings look up Cloud.

IOS Einstellungen Synchronisation


Mac/Windows version

Find the settings in the Mac/Windows version in the top menu bar in the ebook portal or the provider portal (like iPad). Below explained are the main items: 


Version number, folder where personal data is saved, settings for language etc. 

RCP Mac Einstellungen Allgemein


Personal details

Provide your ame and class as well as a standard email address for the export of exercises.

RCP Mac Einstellungen Persönlich


Teaching materials

List of your licensed ebooks

RCP Mac Einstellungen Lehrmittel


Extended settings

Settings for a proxy server und http ports can be defined here.

RCP Mac Einstellungen erweiterte Einstellungen


Workspace / Backup

Generate a backup, set up or move the working directory. See Backup and Working directory for more detailed informations.

RCP Mac Einstellungen Backup/Arbeitsverzeichnis



Set up the cloud synchronization here. For details about the settings look up Cloud.

RCP Mac Einstellungen Synchronisation