Firewall Settings

macOS settings

When you start the beook app, the following message may appear again and again if you have activated a firewall on your Mac:

RCP Mac Firewall Meldung    

The reason is an old firewall configuration of macOS, which has to be removed once to be entered correctly afterwards. Follow these steps: Open your Mac's System Preferences and go to Security. The third tab contains the firewall settings. To make changes there, you must first unlock the lock by clicking on the lock icon at the bottom left (1). Now enter your computer password in the pop-up window.

RCP Mac Firewall Systemeinstellungen  

RCP Mac Firewall Systemeinstellungen Freigeben  

You can then open the firewall options (2). At the top of the list, search for the beook app (3). Select them and remove the beook app from the list by clicking on the Mindus icon below (4). In addition, the check mark "Allow signed software to receive incoming connections automatically" (5) must be set.

RCP Mac Firewall Optionen  

From now on, no query about incoming network connections should appear. Note: This instruction also applies analogously to the eLehrmittel and Swissmem eBOOK App.


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