Exercises in the exercise column can be designed more diversely and offer more functionality compared to exercises integrated within an ebook. Below you will find detailed descriptions of the two types of exercises:  

Integrated exercises

With integrated (inline) exercises, exercise books can be implemented in their entirety. A major disadvantage of inline exercises is that they cannot be corrected and solutions cannot be displayed. They are mainly found in fixed layouts. There are the following inline exercise types:

Text fields

Predefined fields can be written directly in the content. With the green plus at the top right edge of the text input field, the text can be formatted (italic, underlined, superscript/ subscript, font colour and a selection of special characters, which are defined per ebook). 1 Editierbare Textfelder  


Simple checkbox exercises can also be included directly in the ebook. Inline Checkboxes  


Each image can be viewed as a drawing exercise. Images can be edited with the drawing editor. In this way, tasks in which parts of an image have to be marked or drawn in, or in which a placeholder image is to be drawn freely, can be solved directly in the ebook.  

Inline Zeichnung Bild


Inline Zeichnung Raster


Exercises in the exercise column

Exercises in the separate exercise column Link Aufgabe  can contain solutions and be corrected automatically. They also contain functions such as hints, explanations, points and statistics. With the icon Image   the exercise is reset, so your entries are deleted again. In addition, the sample solution can be copied from the provider.

Exercise types

The exercise column has many interactive exercise types:  


Short answer

This exercise type is suitable for simple text questions that can be answered with one word or sentence. 2 Kurzantworten    

Multiline (Essay)

The essay task allows you to enter an answer text, which can be formatted with an editor. Texts can, for example, be displayed in bold, italics and colour and it is possible to insert tables and lists. 

3 Mehrzeilig  



A frequently popular exercise type is the Choice exercise. Both choice types can be easily corrected with the correction mode. The answer boxes can be arranged horizontally or vertically.  

Multiple Choice

The answer boxes in front of the questions are square and allow you to select one or more answers. 4 Multiple Choice  



Single Choice

With this type, only one answer can be selected at a time. Here are radio buttons in front of the texts. 5 Single Choice  



Exercises that require something to be constructed or drawn have a drawing editor that can be used to edit them. You can choose between different editors . Functions of the icons above the editor (from right to left): Übungen Toolbar SVG  

  • Edit the exercise
  • view the exercise in full screen mode
  • link your own picture
  • take a photo (tablets only)
  • print the exercise
  • reset the exercise to its original state

An exercise solved on paper can be integrated into the app by taking a picture of your paper solution and linking it into the app via the picture gallery. If you reset the exercise to its original state, note that your changes will be lost!  



There are two different types of allocation exercises, which differ slightly. Both are solved by drag'n'drop.  

Allocation simple

Each option in the pool can only be dragged to a placeholder. If the option is set, it is no longer visible in the pool. If all gaps are filled, the pool is empty. 6 Zuordnung  


Allocation reusable

Here the same option can be used several times, i.e. the same option can be placed in several gaps. In the pool the options remain, one fills the gaps until all are occupied. 7 Zuordnung 2  



The gaps can be described and then there is the possibility of correction or the correct solution can be displayed. 8 Lückentext  



These exercises ask you to put the items listed in the right order.  9 Reihenfolge  



There are several subtypes of grammar exercises:  


With one click, the selected punctuation mark is placed at the selected position. It can be set whether the character is to be inserted to the left or right of the clicked word, in the gap between words, or within a word. 10 Grammatik    


By default, you will receive a text in which all words are written in lower case. By clicking on a word, the upper case of this word is activated. 11 Gross Klein    


This type is very suitable for determining word types, for example. There can be several colours to choose from. 12 Markieren  


Image marking

Different areas are defined on the image, which are highlighted when selected. The correct solution can consist of one or more highlighted areas. 13 Bildmarkierung  


Crossword puzzle

When entering the solution, the cursor automatically jumps one field further, making it easy to fill in.14 Kreuzworträtsel  


If this function is supported by your ebook, you can use the icons at the top right to display the solutions, show solution notes or have the exercises corrected.  

Solution mode

  Loesung On  If you click on this icon, the correct solution will appear in the exercise.  

Correction mode

  Corrected On  For some exercises, the app has a correction function. Click on the correction icon in the top right-hand corner. Your correct answers will be marked in green, the incorrect ones in red. 

Solution hint

  Hint On By clicking on the hint icon, existing hints can be shown. The solution hint is only visible in edit mode and disappears when the solutions are shown.  


  Hint On  An additional explanation of the solution is only visible if the solution or correction mode (see above) is active.  

Solution example

  Answer On  There are exercises where the answers can be very individual. With this icon, a pop-up window appears with the correct or example answer.    


  Statistics On  Clicking on the statistics icon opens a pop-up window with an overview of the correctly and incorrectly solved tasks. This way you can follow your progress.    

Send by email

  Export Optionen With a click on the export options icon, the solutions of the exercises can be sent by email.    

Copy sample solution

  Copy On  For short-answer and multi-line (essay) tasks, existing sample solutions can be copied into the task field. Attention! If the field is already filled in, it will be overwritten. The copied sample solutions can be completed as desired.    

Annotations in the exercises

As in the content, texts can be marked or notes added in the exercises. These are also listed in the annotation column if the filter area is set to "Exercises". 

Screenshot 2021 06 25 At 09.57.58

If several exercise groups are available, the desired group can be selected. Under Manage Annotations you will find an extended description.