Extended notes

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The extended notes offer the possibility of including not only text but also handwritten notes, drawings, pictures and documents directly on a book page. These can also be opened (pinned) so that the content is visible at any time. 

Overview "type of note" 

Toc Sidenote Plain 3@2x    Text Simple, unformatted text
  Formatable text Text, which can be formatted differently with the text editor.
   Drawing Manual Memo/Drawing with Sketchpad Editor
   Picture/Document Existing pictures or documents from your personal data

Only available on iPad and Android tablets. Taka a photo directly, which will be inserted into the note.

Icon Send Active@2x    External Link Link to a website or application

This selection appears after the first time a note is set in the content. Once the type has been selected, it cannot be changed.  



Actions in the Note dialog

A 1 Color Selection Changing the note color
A 2 Checked possibility to check off notes 
A 3 Pinned Positions the note open
A 4 Transparent Makes the background of a note transparent. The button only appears when the note is open (pinned)
A 5 Exchange file Replace file for image/document notes. The button only appears for picture/document notes
A 6 Share Add the note to the dossier. The button only appears if you are authorized to share
A 7 Delete Delete note without further request


The size of the note can be adjusted by dragging it to the bottom right of an open note. The size remains the same even if you "depart" again.  


Create notes with links to web pages or applications

As of version 6.4.1. beook offers the possibility of inserting notes with links to websites or other applications.

Example: Linking a OneNote note

Your note in OneNote is based on a link, which you can copy by right-clicking and clicking "Copy link to paragraph":


Notiz Onenote


Link One Note


To insert the link to your OneNote note in beook, click on the "note icon" in the top right corner and add the note to the appropriate paragraph. For the note type, select the note with an external link, as shown below:


Bildschirmfoto 2021 10 12 Um 13.24.13


Bildschirmfoto 2021 10 12 Um 13.25.18


Now you have the option to choose whether you want to create a link to OneNote and whether it should be opened in the OneNote app or in the browser. Instead of a OneNote link you can insert a link to any web page. 

In our case we want to insert a OneNote link, so you can now paste the link from the clipboard into the field provided. The first time you use this function, you have to log in again with the Microsoft account you used to create the OneNote. You can then set that you want to stay logged in so that you do not have to log in again each time.

After closing the note window, the note is now visible in the content.

By clicking on the note it will now open. You can then edit the note directly in beook and your changes will also be applied immediately in OneNote itself.


Ansicht In Beook


The note is also displayed in the annotation column. There you have the option of opening the note in the external browser or switching back to the content. In this view, you can also change the title and other properties of the note or delete it.


Bildschirmfoto 2021 10 12 Um 13.27.41



Create note from clipboard

As of version 8.0.4, it is also possible to create notes from the clipboard:

Notiz Aus Zwischenablage

If you have copied a text to the clipboard accordingly, you can paste it with one click either as a Simple Note or as an Extended Note with Text Editor. You can also paste pictures or screenshots from the clipboard with one click by clicking on the file symbol ("Folder") at the bottom right.

The notes can be opened and edited by double-clicking or can also be opened and edited via the annotation column.

Differences between flow text and fixed layout ebooks

Note placement behavior is slightly different between flow text and fixed layout ebooks. For continuous text books, the note is embedded in the river and can therefore only be inserted at the end of paragraphs. The maximum width can be defined with the drag handle. Text is always displayed in full, the images are proportionally adjusted. If the text display area is reduced, the note adjusts itself optimally.

For fixed layout books, a note can be placed at any coordinate on the page. The size can be freely selected. Text becomes scrollable if it cannot be displayed completely for the selected size. Images are proportionally adjusted.