First start: Create account, activate ebooks

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This short quick start will guide you through the first steps with beook: You will be shown how to create an account, redeem an activation code and then install the ebook you want to use. More detailed documentation on each topic can be found on the overview page.

Create an account

After installing the app, the welcome page opens, where you are redirected to the login in an external browser window after clicking on "Login".


1 EN Willkommen


Select the provider and then click on "Register" if you do not have an account yet.

After successful registration you can close the browser window and return to the app. There you now have the opportunity to complete your user and profile details.


2 EN Benutzer Vervollständigen


1.1. Redeem an activation code

Now you can redeem your purchased activation codes and unlock your ebooks. The licenses are then linked to your account, so you only need to redeem the activation code once.


3 EN Aktivierungscodes Eingeben

As soon as you have successfully redeemed the activation code, you will be automatically redirected to the portal, where you will get an overview of your ebooks and also of other ebooks that you have not yet licensed.

1.2. Installing ebooks

After being redirected to the portal, you can now install all your ebooks that you have unlocked with the previously redeemed activation code with just one click.


4 EN Ebooks Installieren


Alternatively you can scroll down and select and install a single ebook by clicking on it.


5 EN Via Seitenview Installieren


Once installed, you can open the ebook (alternatively, you can click on the ebook in the sidebar), read in it, create your own annotations and try out the many functions that beook offers.


6 EN Ebook öffnen