Own contents

Add your own page

New Page  Click on the Add-icon in the table of contents. Then enter the title of the page you wish to add in the pop-up window. This page will be added to the ebook below the selected entry and displayed in color.

Depending on the ebook, templates for your own pages are also provided, which can be selected and filled in.

Eigene Seiten Vorlage

The title of your own page can be changed afterwards by double-clicking (Win/Mac) or long pressing (Tablets). The same window as for adding opens. Confirm with ok/Add page after customization.


Edit your own page

 Datei auswählen  Click on the "Media" icon to link pictures or data to your own page.

Eigene Seite verlinktes Bild

Texteditor  Click on the "Editor" icon to open the advanced text editor.

Eigene Seite Editor


Share your own page

Export Optionen  Authorized persons can share their own pages with a group (class) or an individual person via export options. More about this in the chapter sharing.


Send your own page

Export Optionen  The own pages can also be sent by email. To do so, go to the page you want to send and click on the export options icon.