Create a preparatory assignment on the topic of the automobile

As a teacher, use the many possibilities beook offers to add variety to your lessons. In this case study, we will show you how you can combine the different elements that beook offers and share them with your class as a preparation assignment. The aim of the preparatory assignment is that every student has already dealt with this topic in a basic way and has also solved first tasks on it.  At first, we would like the students to use external resources as well. To ensure that the preparatory assignment is clearly structured and understandable, we create a separate page for it. In addition to the text of the assignment, this page also contains links to external websites and a YouTube video on the topic of automobiles. The links can be easily inserted with the help of the text editor.  

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If you have additional material on this topic, you can insert the PDFs or pictures as a separate page in the corresponding book sections.  Last but not least, we create a learning scenario that the students should also carry out in advance. For the learning scenario, we create a separate page as a prologue with an explanation of the learning scenario and then insert the appropriate pages and tasks from different textbooks.  

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Once we have completed the preparatory assignment, we can add all the components to the dossier and share it with the class, who can start working right away.  

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