Sharing 2.0 - as of beook version 8.0

As of version 8.0, the entire sharing function is based on a new foundation. For this reason, it is necessary that all teachers who have used the sharing function so far carry out a migration.

All functions that were previously available with the sharing function are also available with the new sharing function, Sharing 2.0. All groups will be transferred and will be available again after the migration.

Note: In order to continue using the sharing function, it is necessary that both teachers and learners install and use beook app version 8.


Procedure for teachers who have already used the sharing function:

After installing app version 8.0, you have the option to migrate in the "Share and Cloud" section.

Note: Migration is possible on Windows and macOS. Migration is not possible on iOS, please switch to another platform accordingly.

You will be notified of the migration in the group administration as well as in the programmes and can start the migration from there.  RCP Lehrer Gruppenadmin EN   RCP Lehrer Sendungen EN  


Start the migration by clicking on "Migrate now!". You will now be asked whether you want to migrate your groups. Confirm this with "Yes".  Once the migration is complete, you will receive a confirmation that the groups have been successfully migrated and the groups and programmes are now listed again:  


Migration Erfolgreich EN  

You can now use the sharing function again as usual. To ensure that your shared content reaches your learners, make sure that they are also using beook app version 8.0. As soon as the learners have also updated the app to this version, you will automatically receive all previous broadcasts.  

Procedure for teachers who have used the sharing function mainly on iOS:

It is not possible to migrate with an iOS device. If you have mainly worked on iOS and now your groups and programmes are no longer visible, you can first download version 7.2.1 for your Windows or macOS device with the following download link:

You can then create a new profile in this version and log in with your user data. Make sure that the cloud is activated and a cloud synchronisation has been carried out (under "Share and Cloud" > "Cloud" the last synchronisation is listed). You can then install version 8.0 for your platform (Windows or macOS) and perform the migration there as described above. Once the migration is complete, you can also use the sharing function again under iOS.   


Procedure for teachers who have not yet used the sharing function:

If you want to use the sharing function for the first time with app version 8.0, you do not need to take any special precautions. 

Documentation on how to use the sharing function can be found here: 



Procedure for learners:

Learners who are already members of a group and have received transmissions do not need to actively migrate. Once learners have installed beook app version 8.0, they will receive the following message:

Migration Notwendig EN  

The learners then contact the group administrator or the teacher and as soon as the migration has taken place, the sharing function can be fully used again by all participants.