Cloud Settings

To use the Cloud Service you must first log in to App log in and create a ebook with a paragraph Unlock activation code. The cloud service can now be selected under Settings > Synchronization.    

View on iPad

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View on Mac or Windows

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    You also have the option of making further fine adjustments:


Synchronize linked media (photos, documents, etc.)*)

Media that are linked to their own pages can also be synchronized via the cloud. Under Settings > Synchronization, this can also be prevented if there is too little space in the cloud. With the beook Cloud, images are automatically reduced to a file size of 3 MB. * from Version 4.0  

Mobile data network (3G/4G)

On the tablet, you can also specify whether synchronization should also run via the Mobile data network 3G or 4G. Costs can arise depending on the provider. Switching off is only synchronized via a WLAN connection.  

Sync intervals

When do you want to sync? Choose among three possible intervals.

The Synchronization is being started by default when leaving the app or changing a chapter. In the latter case the closed and the newly opened chapter will be synchronized.

Only when I press the "Sync" button

Any data will only be synchronized by touch of a button. All ebooks and chapters will be synchronized by pressing the "Sync" button. Depending on network connectivity this may take a moment.

Directly after every alteration

Every annotation (markings, notes and bookmarks) or own page will be synchronized with the cloud immediately after placing it. Attention: this option will slow the app down and increase your data traffic.  


Keine Cloud Cloud synchronization is inactive. No cloud service has been selected.

Cloud Verbunden The connection to the cloud is active but no data is being synchronized right now.

Cloud Synchronisiert The app is synchronizing with the cloud. This may take a moment. During synchronization the connection to the internet must not be disconnected. A message appears after completing the process.

Cloud Nicht Verbunden Connection error: the cloud is active but cannot synchronize data (e.g. currently not connected to the internet).